Thursday, March 24, 2005

So, I got arrested last night.

Yes. That's what happened. Remember that I posted that there was a warrant out for my arrest because I had a failure to appear that was involved in my car accident from October?

I was rear ended on October 8, the day after my license expired. I got a ticket for driving unlicensed. I was in and out of the hospital with my Traumatic Brain Injury, and I called the court to let them know that I was going to miss my court date, and they were okay with it, and asked me to call when I was out of the hospital.

I got so busy catching up on school and work after that huge set back, and I never had a day off that wasn't a Saturday, so rather than taking ANOTHER day off and getting in trouble at work, school, or missing training, I just kept thinking, well, I'll have to handle it next week...

And fast forward to I get a warrant in the mail. So I do what I need to do to get the license thing cleared up, almost all the way... but (and here's the key) not all the way.

I had decided to go to court on Monday, but I had the opportunity to train, and I made the very bad decision to go to training rather than to go to court. I decided to go to court on Wednesday, instead.

And rather than that happening, when I went back into town on Monday night, I got pulled over because there was snow obscuring my tags, which were current, and the police officer saw after he pulled me over that they were fine, and asked for my license. Which is not current yet. Its not suspended, I just don't have one yet. (My appointment is tomorrow at 10:20, ironically enough...)

But... anyhow, that pesky piece of paper turned out to be more than a pesky piece of paper, and I went to jail in handcuffs. $850 in bail later, we have learned the hard way to handle the things in life that need to be handled in a timely manner, even if its hard. Because that is part of living with integrity.

So, we go forward, today is a bit surreal, I came home (thanks for the ride, Mason, yes, it was rather Blues Brothers...) and ended up taking a four hour nap, and am just kind of slowly shaking off the traumatic feeling of all that happening.

I talked to my mom on the phone, and to some friends and my sister, all of whom were very supportive and lovely. Right now, I'm regathering, I'm stuck here with no car for a few days, and no way to get to work, school, or the DMV or court, so part of the punishment for not handling this earlier is that now I have to inconvenience friends asking for rides. (Thanks for the ride, Liat). Yes, last night, Liat had to come out to my house in the middle of the night to be with my kids so Tom could take bail money down to the jail.

Let me just take a moment to digest that sentence. This is not the way to be a responsible grown up adult, this is not the way to be a good mom, this is not how I want to conduct myself.

In hindsight, taking a day or two or three off to handle this earlier would have been better than having three days forced off only 8 days before my exam. And I do have to say that when they picked me up, the first thing I thought was, OH GOD, I hope they let me out of jail before April 2! Maybe they will let me go and come back?

So. What's the lesson, Kate? Better time management skills needed, more follow through needed, time to bring my level of responsibility and hard work up another ten notches or so. Lesson learned.

8 days to the exam. Court tomorrow. Plugging away today.

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