Saturday, May 1, 2010

Thank You, Gibbon Slacklines!

Slacklining is an amazing way to train for skiing, and I'm psyched to say thanks to Gibbon for picking me up with sponsorship! I'm really excited to get this line strung up between the pine trees at home, throw it in the car and set it up on back country trips in the campground and in the parking lot. My kids love to slackline, too, so its going to be really fun to play with them on it.

Photos coming soon of a slackline party at the T lazy 7... that is... if it stops snowing long enough that we can see the ground!

In the mean time, visit their website here for an amazing array of slacklines from kids lines to jibbing lines, and some very cool logo gear!


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Unknown said...

Does it so? Thanks for sharing that information. I will try it if that can really help. It will definitely be a lot of fun before trying to ski. Cheers!

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Heliskiing said...

Awesome! I couldn’t resist commenting. :)