Friday, May 21, 2010

Telluride back country adventure!

I'm here! I made it! One tank of gas, a big bag of granola and about 40 bucks. I'm sleeping on Annie's couch and Scotty Kennet and I are going to go adventuring for the next three days!

We got out today and scouted around, the peaks here are SO huge and steep, I am thinking I must be insane. Our easy day is tomorrow, a three hour climb, an hour on dirt in tennies, an hour or so skinning, and an hour boot packing to the top of the Ouray to Telluride route. The snow up top looks good, white and thick, good coverage, we are hoping it freezes tonight so we get some good corn snow in the morning. Fingers crossed!

The next day we are going to ski Mt. Snuffles, which is a huge all day adventure, and the next day, Monday, we are thinking of skiing three peaks on Red Mountain, if we have any gas left.

I feel a bit of a cold coming on, of course, so its to bed early tonight for an early alpine start in the morning!

I'm always a bit nervous about my ability to hike fast enough. Living at altitude has certainly helped, and I know I have will and endurance, but I still lack speed. This is this summer's project, I really want to push my body to have a bigger, longer burning engine that can go further, faster.

I know I can ski all this terrain we are looking at, but I don't know how I'm going to do climbing. We'll see.

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