Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bliss, Nest, Boys

My boys are sleeping in their bunks. The dishwasher is humming, the boot dryer is humming, my mom is smiling as she heads to bed.

Bodhi got in our pond again today, he took his pants off and he was down there in his underwear and his tennis shoes, exploring his world, which is now full of lakeweed, humming birds, a pair of mallards which he's named Max and Josie, who follow him around asking for bread, a trio of crows who also want to be fed, and a gazillion other tiny wild birds, from various warblers, to chickadees.

We had spent the afternoon slack-lining and playing with the other boys who live on the ranch, the sound of the creek running over the rocks, the sun shining through the trees just newly budding up here in the canyon. Pyramid peak was bright white behind us, catching the sunlight, and the boys are at ease.

There is something so soothing about the rhythm of life here. The boys are so happy to have ponds and streams, a full blown creek and a river right near by, foxes and ducks, the chicks at the ranch have hatched and Bodhi has been tasked with helping feed them. Ethan spent the day yesterday scraping leaves out of the stream so that we have a waterfall into one of our ponds.

I love to watch them poking under the rocks, playing in the water, rambling all over the ranch. They are happy and proud that they don't have a TV, I caught Bodhi bragging to one of the ranch kids about it the other day.

My mom and I have found a rhythm of our own, where we both get out and get some good exercise, she's finding her way into the Aspen community, which is seemingly endless once you get started, with the Aspen Institute, the Jazz Festival and Food and Wine, Anderson Ranch arts, the Aspen Art Museum, it goes on and on...

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