Saturday, May 8, 2010

Living in Love and Trust

Love is a funny thing. I believe things about it, I believe that its why we are here, I believe that its purpose is to heal, to bridge, and to help us become. I believe in big love. I believe that love takes trust, that true love is trust.

I think love is also the scariest thing that there is. I think that letting go of fear in order to live in love is like asking someone to walk blindfolded on a tightrope. The more you try to know where you are, the harder the line jiggles, the more you are apt to loose your balance, the more you hold on. When you decide, hey, the line is going to move and wobble, I need to accept those tremors as part of the experience of the journey, suddenly, you are free to walk, and play.

I think that we can't own each other, I think we are meant to love each other, to stand next to the person and love their flaws and failures as much as their strengths and triumphs. I don't think its about finding someone who is as close to our ideal as possible. I think its about finding someone who you connect with on a soul level, who challenges you and elevates you and loves you without fear or limit, whose love you can rest easy in, like a nest or an armchair.

I think that without love, success is void of purpose, that's why I believe in doing what I love and learning to let go of fear and be challenged by my love, whether its a person or the thing that I'm doing.

I think that its hard to find people in the world that are willing to love and be loved without fear of consequence. What does it mean for me to let you in? What does it mean for me to love you? To be loved by you? If we live in the present moment, rather than in the dangers, fears and possible outcomes, it means that you can trust my heart to hold yours safely.

I have another tattoo. My sister translated it for me. It says; Corde Fidelis Ero Tuum. "To bind my faithful heart to yours" it is a promise I made to myself, that if I give my heart to you, if I give you my love, you can count on it, it means that that love is a gift, yours to keep, given freely with no strings attached. That takes practice for sure, to make sure that love is a gift given, not something given with hope of return.

I think I need to practice every day, but those lessons are the ones most worth learning, aren't they?

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