Thursday, November 29, 2007

Training Log: Nov 29: in which my MOM goes to Taekwondo!

How hard core is she? I managed to get my act together and focus for the last two days, in spite of all the drama going on. I took my mom to Taekwondo. Let me say this: She celebrated her 60th birthday quite a few years ago, and the woman STILL kicks ass and looks tremendous.

It was so fun to take her. And of course, I didn't take her to the beginning class, no I had to take her to the hard core, brutal Thursday night work out. Its the only night she could come.

She rocked it. We started with 100' or so of rollovers. Start on your stomach, do 10 pushups. Roll over onto your back, do 10 crunches, roll over onto your stomach, do 10 supermans, roll over onto your back, do 10 scissors with your head in the air. Keep doing this until you get to the other end of the studio. Welcome to Taekwondo, mom!

She learned axe kicks, roundhouse kicks, and how to hold a paddle. She participated in the piggy back race. YES SHE DID! She carried another student on her back all the way across the studio, and was carried herself!


She had a great time, and we talked after words about why Taekwondo is such a fantastic workout. here's what we had to say:

* it engages your brain completely because the movements are challenging and complex
* it challenges you physically, but is adaptable (like yoga) for all fitness levels
* the studio is an incredibly supportive, encouraging, positive place, so you leave feeling better than you got there. The students take their cues from the teachers, from Master Saltz and his amazing wife Sally Sills, all the way down the line. There is no ego, just encouragement and support
* all the belt levels train together, so it feels non competitive unless you choose to bring a sportsman like competition frame of mind with you
* its a great workout, but its so fun that you don't care how hard it is

I am grateful to have found such a truly outstanding studio in Bozeman... trust me, trainers this good are hard to find!! I have been in several martial arts studios over the years, and most of them had good things to offer. But there are two things that really set Taekwondo West apart:

They work you out as though every individual in that room has the potential for greatness, making each student feel valued, honored and important.

They bring humor and joy to the workout, so while they expect respect and discipline, it is not a rigid militant dictatorial environment.

Come work out with us, its so fun!

Head Check

First of all, it's snowing buckets. YEAH! Second of all, some of you know that the last three days have been really crappy for me emotionally. Some things have happened that have saddened me deeply, and in the past, this kind of highly charged situation would have completely train wrecked me. I would have really questioned my own self worth, and my concern and hurt would have stopped me from succeeding at what is important to me.

So Health Update: I'm a lot more mentally healthy than I used to be! While I am greatly saddened by the drama that is happening, and while I was forced to remove an important post from my site (thanks for which I have yet to receive, by the way), and while I know people are having a MEETING with out me to discuss my post and how horrible it was for them, even though it was a post about me making decisions about my life and did not mention any person or organization by name... I am more resilient than I used to be, and I am (more) able to feel sorrow for the people that are taking the time and energy to turn this into a huge issue, and more able to distance myself from it.

This is good.

This entire situation does indeed underline for me that I made the right decision in removing myself from this group, because I really feel that honest communication is important, that there is just too much passive aggressive and manipulative behavior that occurs in the organization. It saddens me because I enjoy the people in the group, the activity they do, and I can't really get more specific than that, or I'll have to take this one down, too.

I want to thank you for all your emails and your concern about the ethics of me removing my post, and I understand your concern. Following is a reply to a comment I got about the removal, which should explain some things:

Basically, I was threatened by the organization, and I gave in because while the post that I wrote was anonymous, and personal, and did not attack a person, an organization took it personally, and threatened me...

...The sad thing is that my post was a personal one about my decision making, and the organizations behavior has now turned the situation into what I am sure is a very uncomfortable, angering, personal and embarrassing situation for a woman who I admire and simply had a private difference with.

Now, I have been forced to air all our dirty laundry before her peers, which I find unconscionable. But that is the choice of this group. And that's why I choose to distance myself from them.

I wish them luck, and I wish no more drama for me.

Thanks again for all your concern.


Fall Festival!

Don't forget to sign up for Fall Festival! Boy, the week of Dec. 8 is going to be insane. I am installing my next large piece at the Co-op all night the night of the 8th, so it will be a no sleep training day for me on Sunday, bummer!

I think I am going to do a "ski with the d team member" , an "intro to freestyle" and the "spouse at fall fest" thing.

What are you signing up for?

On the Lighter Side: Training Log: Nov 28: wherein we spit stitches out of our mouth at Taekwondo, we are just that tough.

Why am I posting at 1:43 in the morning? For two reasons, I can't sleep, first because I was deciding weather or not it was worth it to insist on keeping my posts up at the risk of hurting people I value, and second, because I feel like I got hit in the face with a baseball bat and I have no more Percocet. Sadness.

The day before yesterday, I had an implant screw removed from my jaw with a miniature impact wrench, and then they screwed in a bigger one. No general for this one, and YES, the Novocaine had all worn off by the time it was time to stitch me up. So I got live action stitching. How bad can it be? I have body piercing, it can't suck that much. WRONG-O!! OWIE!

Anyhow, I spent most of yesterday in bed because of no sleep the night before due to crazy spinny Percocet dreams and a throbbing mouth. Tonight, I went back to class, which was GREAT, we did some specific drill progressions, and then applied them to kicks.

We did front kicks, followed by roundhouse kicks on each side down the mat, and the "big kids" got to do tripple kicks, which look formidable indeed. We got a spiffy lil ab workout at the end of class. I dig it. I love it. I want more of it.

Okay. But the CROWNING moment was in the middle of going down the line when I felt my mouth throbbing and a stitch snapped. Yummy. I took a quick rinse in the drinking fountain and got on with it. Go team!

Came home and did 20 min or so on the balance board after putting the kids to bed. But now I am paying for it, my mouth is swollen, my remaining stitches are cutting into my healing gum, and i am out of drugs! Crud.

I am sure it will be better tomorrow, and stay tuned, because MY MOM is going to go to TKD with me tomorrow night! Yeah!


I am truly saddened to say that I removed two posts from this blog tonight. Something I wrote hurt the feelings of someone I cared about, and because of my great regard for that woman and her daughter, I have removed my posts. If it were not for my great regard for this amazing woman, I would have left my posts up. But I don't want to fight, I hate drama, and its just not worth it.

So if you find something missing, that's why.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happy Birthday, Tom!!

Thanks for always encouraging us to do our best. I love you.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Training Log: Nov 26: Taekwondo really IS the best ski workout ever!

Yes, its official, I am addicted to TaeKwonDo. And YOU can be, too! Master Saltz has agreed to consider doing a punch card for those of you who train and ski in Big Sky! All y'all jump in a van and get your butts down here to Taekwondo West on Rouse and watch your thighs and glutes get rock hard.

TONIGHT, I was late, unfortunately, and this is my favorite class, because it is usually killer. I showed up and was greeted with "yes you can join us, come over here and do 40 pushups" thats what I get for being late. I was PSYCHED to get to join the class 1/2 hour late, though, and really glad I went anyway. A half our of hard work is better than no hard work just because you are late! And class ended up going long anyway, so I got a great workout.

After my push ups, I got to learn to throw someone over my back and on the ground, and lucky me, that person was Master Saltz! I couldn't help it, I said "Do I really get to throw you on the ground now?" Yes, you do, Kate. Don't get too excited, he can spring right back up and kick your ass from here to next Friday.

By the way, I did ask them (Master Saltz and his wife, Sally, also a blackbelt) if they sit around their living room in the evenings and thinking to themselves, "I could totally kick your ass right now", but apparently life is much more about their 17 month old TWINS and much less Mr. and Mrs. Smith, thank you very much. I had this image of a very dangerous version of King of the Bed. (If you don't know what King of the Bed is, I am sorry, its the best game every played.)

Right, back to the point (sorry, I'm a bit rambly tonight), the workout consisted of roundhouse kicks up and down the mat on a shield, which I LOVE. I got two of mine to make a very pleasant THWACK sound, which finally felt like it might be noticeable if it actually hit a person. THEN, on my left side, I kicked really hard, thinking as much as I could about rotating my standing leg, and I must have hopped to rotate it, because the force of my OWN KICK took it out from under me, and I landed on my ass. It was AWESOME. SuperKate strikes again!

We got to do spinning back kicks, which were nice and solid and feel very forceful. I have decided I am going to get just my yellow belt, because they got to do a lot of jumping and spinning, which I'd love to learn. I am a bit fond of my white belt, though, and am sad to think of entering a competitive ranking system, when I'd rather just learn it and move along according to where I am. Makes it harder for the teacher, I am sure, though.

I had a bit of a funny moment in class tonight when I looked at the Blackbelts, there are two new ones, very hard working students who really are incredibly strong and dedicated. These guys are serious, and they won their belts the hard way. I was looking at how thick the dye was on their belts, they are inky black, super new, "It can get none more black than this". And then I looked at Master Saltz's belt and it is turning white. He's had it so long and tied it so many times that the dye is fading and the edges are white. I wonder if they ever replace them. I hope not. I think it would be a wonderful thing to have worn your belt for so many years that it becomes so white that you come full circle. I love the idea of gaining enough mastry in a sport that the sport becomes simple again, as to the beginner's mind. And that's our zen moment for the day. Thanks.

I had to check my Will-O-Meter in class tonight, twice, once doing repeating standing tuck jumps, where your knees had to hit your partners hands (at chest hight) 50 times IN A ROW with no bounces or pauses. I could only do 6 in a row, and I got to 37 out of the 50. The second set I could only do 26. The blackbelt end of the line was all jump, jump, jump, 50! Impressive.

I just checked my posts and realized, I haven't posted my Will-O-Meter theory for all of you! You must feel so deprived. I'll put it up tomorrow, it's one of my favorites!

I can't wait for tomorrows class! I hope it kicks my butt severely!!

Training Log: Nov 25: Where in we SKI at Big Sky as a FAMILY!

YES! For the first time in SEVEN years, Tom and I skid alone together! It was great. We went up to Big Sky on Sunday, and Tom got on his new skis, (Snoop Daddys in 174) (His first shaped skis!) and boogied down the mountain with his knees locked together in the classic 80's style. Ah, memories of last February for me!

It was amazing. We took a run together with Ethan, who couldn't BELIEVE how long Mr. K was, as he's only ever skid at Bridger before, and then he went into a great lesson for two hours and Tom and I explored the runs off of Swift, and took a quick turn in the bowl.

I made the mistake of forgetting that Skiing is a COLD WEATHER SPORT, hello, Kate, you live in MONTANA! The last four months of skiing in the spring and summer were so warm and lovely that I totally forgot about cold hands and so on. I was woefully under dressed, chilly fingered, frozen toed, and so on. Tom was lovely enough to give me his gloves and fleece. IT IS NOT SUMMER ANY MORE!

Anyhow, the point is, the day was amazing, cold hands and all, I have a gear list to tackle before Bridger opens on Dec. 8, and I am greatly indebted to Troy and Jill for our lovely day of familiy skiing.

I realized afterward why I was so giddy to be skiing alone with Tom again, aside from the fact that once you have kids, you don't really spend a whole lot of alone time together, and I remembered something... ten years ago, Tom proposed to me half way down the hardest run I'd ever been on at Northstar. We were on a cat track taking a breather half way down this fierce mogul field on our snowboards and out of the clear blue sky he asked if I'd marry him. I thought he was joking. I told him to shut up. He looked wounded as I laughed at him, and then asked if I was going to answer. "Are you serious?" I had asked. "YEAH." he said, and then I kissed him for his answer.

Its funny to think that ten years and two kids later, my life revolves around skiing again, and that such a significant event happened on a ski hill. Of course, we got married at Northstar, as well... but there was no snow yet.

Enjoy this very fuzzy vintage picture of us on our boards from 2001. Yes, friends, these are the very same mittens that I wore at Bridger last year. The warmest ski gloves ever. They are retired now, sadly, but they fought a good fight, I have worn them since 1992!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

First, can I say that am thankful for you?! I hope your turkey day was great! I hope you ate seconds! I hope you watched football and ate too much pie!!! And if you were really REALLY lucky, I hope you ski'd saddle peak! (I just read about this guy's freshies in 30" of powder on Saddle and wanted to cry... MUST SKI SOON!!

By the way, Big Sky OPENS tomorrow!! I have a meeting, but I'll be there Sunday!

We had a lovely thanksgiving, my mom came up from Truckee. This year, I didn't really want to cook for some reason, probably for the first time ever! But I was in the co-op picking up something for the HALIBUT dinner we had planned, and I heard someone talking about turkey and I completely freaked out.

How, HOW can I not cook a turkey this year??? (for those of you not in the know, I am a vegetarian, but I make meat for my family occasionally.) HOW can I deprive my five year old of TURKEY DAY?

So I bought all the accoutrement at the last second and my mom and I spent all day cooking, which is always lovely. The dinner was spectacular, the left overs are delicious, and all is right with the world.

Halibut tonight, Turkey Pot pie (and a tofu pot pie for me) tomorrow.

PS. These are photos from our celebration, the fan thing we are looking at is a beautiful German carousel that spins from the heat of the candles. My lovely sister Beth sent it to me from Germany, where she is working on Speed Racer, the Movie! The kids were entranced by it.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Time to sign up for Avalanche class!

The GNFAC is broadcasting again! Skiing can't be far behind! We had our first skier triggered avalanche already on Oct. 31, so hit up the GNFAC website, subscribe to their newsletter, watch the videos, and sign up for a class. Then, USE THE SKILLS YOU'VE LEARNED!

They are trying to do a showing of "A Dozen More Turns" tomorrow night in West Yellowstone. I haven't seen it yet, but I hear it is truly outstanding. Check the GNFAC site for details on the showing.


Now is the time to tune up on your avalanche skills. A full listing of our avalanche classes can be found online at You can also check out our online tutorials. Here are a few of the classes being offered:

We are hoping to show the movie “A Dozen More Turns” tomorrow night, November 20th at 8 pm in West Yellowstone. It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but check our website for updates or give us a call.

ASMSU will host a basic Avalanche Awareness Class on the evenings of November 27-28 in the SUB Ballroom, with an all day field session on Saturday, Nov 30th. Contact ASMSU Outdoor Rec at 994 3621 for more info. No registration is required.

Here are the classes I'm taking:

Basic Seminar:

Evening Sessions: January 23 and 24, 2008, 7:00pm to 9:30pm, at MSU in the Strand Union Building.

Field Session: January 26, 2008, 9:15am to 3:00pm, at Bridger Bowl Ski Area.

Advanced Seminar:

Evening Sessions: January 30 and 31, 2008, 7:00 to 9:30 p.m., at MSU in the Strand Union Building.

Field Session: February 2, 2008, 9:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., at Bridger Bowl.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Its UP! Thank you Mason, Lonnie, Shannon, Debbie, Bonnie, Claudia, Suzanne, Ginger, Ginna, Maggie and Claudia!

Here it is! Its a terrible picture taken off my phone at 2am, but this is the gist of it. nearly 400ft. long, it is hanging from the ceiling at Pierce flooring. I could NOT have done it without the help of everyone listed above, collectively we put in over 130 hours into the fabrication and installation of this piece in the last three days.

Thanks for making it happen, everyone!


PS, see you tonight at the show!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Training Log: Nov 15: Who says making art isn't a workout?

Oh, MAN, my legs are SHOT! Haven't been to TKDall week, but building my sculpture has certainly been a workout! Spent all day Tuesday in a forward fold, gluing the strips together, consequently, my hamstrings are SINGING today!

Can you believe the SAW in this photo? The guys from Big Timberworks in Gallatin Gateway cut the Marmoleum for me on their giant saw. There were like five guys, the whole yard crew came over and got involved to make it work. They completely saved my life, I was five minutes from doing it by myself in the snow in the driveway with a skillsaw and a sawsall! YEAH! Thanks, guys!

Anyhow, just a quick post to say: I eat much better when I am working out than I do when I am making art, and I am going to strive to change that today. I hope to get all three paintings hung and the sculpture (well, I have to finish one of the paintings) before 3:40 so I can take Ethan to HIS Taekwondo class, and etc, and then get to mine tonight. Its not likely, but its a goal!

Check out these hard working women! It was a crew of six volunteers, two giant tubs of glue, and 1300 feet of Marmoleum (helped along by two bottles of wine, salad and some Pizza... thanks, Claudia!) Yes, it took seven hours to glue the entire thing together, and then five hours yesterday to apply electrical tape along the edges to clean them up. (Which, by the way, started to come off when we rolled it up, thats what we are going to tackle today...)

Don't forget to come to the show and see the finished product!

See you there,


Monday, November 12, 2007

Training Log; Nov. 12: TaeKwonDo is Fun!

Here is the problem with going to a really awesome workout about an hour and a half before bed. I am SO jazzed! I am so amped! I have SO MUCH FREAKIN' energy! I feel like putting on my headlamp and going for a hike. Seriously. Wow.

Tonights TKD workout was great, it was much more tame than Thursday's workout (from which I was STILL SORE this morning!) It was a bit more technical, and I tried my hand at counting in Korean, and I did allright until the last three numbers, which almost EVERYONE says differently! WHAT is THAT all about?

Turns out one of the awesome hardcore female black belts in my class is a PEDIATRICIAN! YES! So, that's cool. Because we need one, and if Ethan won't take his medicine, she can just threaten to kick his ass. Just kidding. But I bet they will bond well and he will trust her because he ALSO takes TKD at the same school.

I had forgotten about Martial Arts calluses... the bottoms of my poor little feet are sore. Poor baby. But I remember how good it felt when I finally had thick soled feet when I did this before. Tonight we did one of my favorite drills in the world, the extended roundhouse kick. This is where you kick out, then leave your leg out there in space, with your body in balance for a count of two seconds, then you pull your foot back in and switch legs. I adore super specific drills like that, I love the challenge of getting the pose JUST SO and of how it gets harder and harder as you do it more, because your muscles fatigue. And then when you do it next week, you can do it better, longer, because you are growing your strength, your stamina, and your body/spatial awareness.

One of the best parts of class? I love it when Master Saltz comes down the row as we move across the mat and our kicks end up in unison. He is really powerful, so its cool, because I get a power boost from syncing up with him. Plus, it drives me to do it well, to copy his form. Sweet. Its cool, because he does it with everyone, from the high level belts to us lowly white belts, and me, the lowliest of all, with no stripes.

I still don't have any stripes on my belt, I am not to worried about my belt, I guess, but the only reason I'll test up is so that I can learn more advanced moves, because the forms and the spinning kicks look really FUN!

Tired out my entire legs tonight, its great, (as I found out because I could barely walk on Sunday) the TKD work out does not just thighs, but hams, adductors, calves and glutes. Plus you get a mini core work out from the balance.

Alright, I gotta calm down and get some sleep, I have to build a huge sculpture tomorrow!

PS, if anyone wants to see a blackbelt test, go to TaeKwonDo West this Saturday the 17th at 2:30, two people are testing for their black belts. And NO, these are NOT the suburban black belts we are familiar with that you can earn in a year. These guys had to work for it.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Green Culture at Pierce Flooring Nov. 16 featuring art by Kate Howe

What a great party it will be! I hope to see you all at the Pierce Flooring Green Culture show on Friday, November 16th!

2-5 pm Speakers on Green Materials
5-6 pm Wine and Microbrew tasting
6-8 pm Art Show and Reception

I will have a large flying sculpture made out of Marmoleum, an amazing green flooring material, and several paintings in the show.

Hope to see you there!

Pierce Flooring Showroom
1921 W. Main
Bozeman, Mt

Training Log: November 8 : TaeKwondo, the world's best ski conditioning workout??

Alright, guys! We are back in the swing of things! My leg is totally healed, and I eased into working it out again slowly. Last night I went to my first "hard core" TKD workout (The other classes this week were luckily more technically oriented, excellent because I needed to learn the specifics of the begining movements, and I needed to take it easy on my leg...)

So here it is: First of all, Master Saltz is apparently quite the guy in the TKD world, I had NO idea! He's written the definitive book on TKD. Turns out he is also a National Champion, as are several of his students! Day-um!

My workout last night was awesome, awesome, awesome! I love a workout that is just out of my reach, I have lost quite a bit of fitness (Remember in August when we went for an 11 mille hike followed by an 11 mile trail run (BECAUSE WE WERE LOST?)? Yeah, jogging up and down the mat wore me out. WOW!) Anyhow, it was a challenge. We jogged several laps, then we did lunges up and down the length of the studio, followed by duckwalks up and back, bunnyhops up and back, "Chair" hops, jumping lunges, and then we spent the rest of the time working in Front Stance, which is similar to Warrior 1 for all you Yoga enthusiasts. I couldn't do them all. I am used to the Martial Arts idea that you suck it up and do it anyway, but I decided to just pull back and ease back into it so that I don't get injured again, Michael would kill me! So I didn't push it to the limit, and yet, my thighs are FRIED! Yay!

The only issue I have with class is that i have an old boxing injury (can you believe it? Who has an old boxing injury? What am I, a 60 year old ex prize fighter? not really...) Anyhow, punching, as well as things like the row machine and bicep curls really hurt my forearm at the elbow, because of old hyperextension injuries. I know from experience that if I go slow and build the muscle, I can build a lot of strength and it doesn't hurt as much, but it is SO hard, beause accidently punching out just once on that side will hurt it, and then it takes weeks to heal. The other issue I am running into is my gnarly feet issue. I couldn't do a full lap of duckwalks because my toes are so messed up, they snap, crack, and hurt during. I think its because of my tendon and frostbite issues from skating. They are pretty sore this morning, so I am not going to class tonight, hopefully by Monday everything will be healed up again. I might have to do some toe strength conditioning!!

Here is the lovely thing, though. The whole time during our class, Master Saltz is going "Ski season is coming! Don't you need to be in shape?" Let me tell you, if I do this just twice a week, I will have legs of DOOOM! Of course, this morning, I am thinking about how lovely and sore my legs are, and I am realizing that Master Saltz did all the exercises with us, and then it occurs to me that he teaches at least four classes a day, and he does all the exercises with every class! Good GOD, no wonder he's in great shape! Okay, the gauntlet has been thrown, the bar has been raised, and I am ON FIRE, lets GO!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

When I'm Not Skiing, I...

This is a piece I was making for the Pierce flooring show, but I just sold it, so I'm starting a new one. I think this is going to turn in to a body of work, it feels like it has at least 10 paintings in it. Exciting.

Cottonwood and Portnell, oil on shellac'd raw canvas, 3'6"x 6'4", 2007

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Megan Harvey Rocks the HOUSE!

Oh, my GOD, I'm going to Aspen! Yes, indeedy do. February 10-15, I got invited to go train with Ms. Harvey. I am completely beside myself with giddiness and anticipation! February seems so far away!!! Looks like Andy Docken and Katie Fry will be around as well to ski with. I feel like I fell down a rabbit hole. Is this really my life??? Are you KIDDING ME???

Thanks, guys! Can't wait to come!!

There's a Reason he's the Master...

"To study the Way is to study the self.
To study the self is to forget the self.
To forget the self
is to be enlightened by all things."

~ Zen Master Dogen (1200-1253 AD)

Michael Hickey blows my mind yet again. He's been awfully indulgent of me, as I work myself into a frenzy, wondering about what life will be like as I travel down this path, wondering how to maximize the time that I have to train, wondering how to train most effectively, wondering how to ski.

So basically what happens is this. We shoot a couple of emails back and forth, and after I have come up with enough insanity, we get together, and I download all my worries and concerns and questions (I feel a bit like my 5 year old here... why? how? why? how? and then what???), and Michael, in his very knowledgeable and Zen like manner (ZEN?? MICHAEL HICKEY?? Are we talking about the same guy?) OOOhhh, yes. This is not 1974, and he is the Zen master.

He tells me some stories. He asks me some questions. He gives me things to read and to watch. And then he pedals off into the distance, and we start all over again.

Because inevitably, the questions he answers he does in a way that lead to more questions, so here I am, sitting on my couch, my brain totally full of information, sorting through it, and really astounded at the sort of BASIC truths underlying what we talk about. Its all really simple.

Today, I am pondering what it means to have your body cross the line of your skis rather than to send your feet away from your body. This will keep me occupied until I get down to Colorado on the 17th and ski it and try to see what happens. This will be frustrating and difficult for me, because I felt like I made huge significant changes in my skiing on the last day at Hood, but its INTERESTING because I made changes in the IMAGE, but not changes in the FUNCTIONALITY of my skiing.

I decided (without Rob asking me to, I was supposed to be focusing on my consistent, purposeful platform shape) to send my skis away from my body, like Troy, who was skiing ahead of me. It was a bit exhilarating, because I had to let go quite a bit and trust that the platform would be there for me to push against, even though it was far away from my body.

Now, I get to turn that around in my head, and try to send my BODY away from my FEET who are making the line they are making. Innnnnneresting. Innnneresting.

Gonna go watch the Canadians ski now.

Training Log: Nov 6: All Better!

Either I have super human healing powers (entirely possible) or the tear wasn't as bad as we first thought (that can't be it), but my leg is all better!

I was a good girl, I wrapped it, iced it, then alternated heat and ice, then just heated it, massaged it a couple of times a day, rested it completely for 6 days, then warmed it up and stretched it and guess what? I went to Taekwondo last night and it was fine.

It was a bit stiff, and when it was my standing leg, I could feel it, but as the class went on, it got better rather than worse, and I am going to pronounce myself good to go. Which is a good thing, because I am back on the snow in 10 days! I need to get my ass in SHAPE again!

I was all freaked out about having torn it because, at the end of last season, I asked Michael what he wanted me to come back with in the fall, and the FIRST thing he said awas that he wanted me beack healthy. Next was with great balance. I added leaner, stronger and more fit.

I have one more month until it is put to the test, and so far, we have accomplished leaner and stronger and more fit, although I have lost quite a bit of fitness having been resting my hamstring injury since AUGUST.

SO. Here we are. I think a month of hard work will put me in a good place to start the season hard.

I am really excited to be incorporating Taekwondo into my training program because it is a truly outstanding leg workout, it takes balance, flexibility, a lot of one footedness, and its 90% legs.

Next move: get back in the gym. So far we have managed to get going on balance board, and taekwondo, now we need to add the weights, yoga and cardio back in. Whew! Better get them sculptures built and out of the way so I can focus on my winter job! I REALLY don't want to get my ass kicked hard by the ridge this winter!

Friday, November 2, 2007

We watched Aspen Extreme and it RULED!

Okay, I have to admit that I saw this movie in the early 90s when it came out. I remember selling the neon Scott Schmidt full suit outfit when I worked at The North Face in Palo Alto. I am a big dork. We've established that.

I do remember the woman who played Brice was the penultimate sno-bunny with the super tight pants and the super poofy teeny jacket that started at your boobs and had a huge furry collar. Man, I wanted one of those outfits. If I make enough money in tips this year, I am so gonna get one of those and wear it to the next Academy. That would ROCK!

Anyhow, I also remember that it did'nt even occur to me that you don't try out to be an instructor at Aspen by going down some massive mogul hill and busting hellecoptors, and then were on the cover of Powder! magazine.

Right. There's that dorky part again. But you know whats funny? It was still a pretty good movie. In SPITE of myself, I found myself totally hooked on the story again.

And then there's that uncanny resemblance of T. J. Burke and Andy Docken...

If you haven't seen it, you must. I for one think we should make it an annual fundraiser for some local ski kids, put on cooperatively by Bridger and Big Sky at the Ellen once a year just before ski season, have a big early themed 90's party after the screening. What a blast.

Bonnie? Troy? what do you think???

**** UPDATE ****
Katie Fry, demo teams manager and sister to Megan Harvey, demo team member and author of the ATM, was the stunt skier for Brice! How cool is that??

More Ski Swap Info: Today is Consignment Day, Sale Starts Tomorrow at 8am!

Greetings from Bridger Creek:

The ski season officially begins Saturday with the annual Ski Swap. The Swap is a major find raiser for our parent Bridger Ski Foundation with money raised divided between Nordic, Alpine and Freestyle disciplines. The Swap is also a great opportunity for recycling older equipment and picking up a great deal on new or used equipment. The new equipment typically comes from local ski shops cleaning out last year's inventory. Today, Friday November 2nd is consignment day from 10:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds. Each items costs $1.00 to consign. BSF keeps 15% of the sale price. Checks for sold items will be mailed in approximately 2 weeks. Admission for the Swap is $2.00 for non-members on Saturday and free on Sunday. The sale runs from 8-6 on Saturday and 10-2 on Sunday. Unsold equipment can be picked up on Sunday from 2-5. BSF will accept cash, checks or credit cards.

The trick to getting the best deal is to shop early and everyone knows it. There will be a long line on Saturday morning. For BSF members who help work the Swap the sale begins at 8:00 A.M., for non-working BSF members the sale begins at 9:00 A.M. and for the general public the sale begins at 10:00 A.M. Today would be an ideal time to join BSF for the season. Memberships will also be sold tomorrow morning at the Swap. Even if you don't plan to go to the Swap, a membership in your local ski club goes to support all the local ski programs you enjoy ( For example, the grooming at Bridger Creek occurs under BSF's liability insurance policy.

Ski season will soon be here. See you at the Fairgrounds.

Happy Trails,

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Ski Swap Starts Tomorrow!

And I can't find what time it starts! Last year, Jen and I went on Saturday, and we got there about 8am, there was a line over an hour long, people had been there since 6am. It is WORTH IT! Get there Early, get GOOD GEAR CHEAP! All proceeds benefit the Bridger Ski Foundation. And if anyone can figure out what time it starts tomorrow, let me know!!

Yup, I tore it.

Welcome back from your hamstring injury! Are you excited to get to work, and get strong? You have one month until you ski!

WOOPS! Lets tear our adductor muscle!!

For heaven's sake. Whatever. Its wrapped, I'm on ibuprofen, I have a big prescription of Percodan, I am working out the rest of my body. I am just going to work around it, I can't sit still for another month! AHHhhhH!!!

By the way, I found a great website for rehabilitating muscle injuries. It has a lot of really useful information. I went to the urgent care to get it looked at, and she described it as "ropey, lumpy, swolen", which, according to this web site, means I should go see a sports medicine guy.

Anyone know of someone who is really excellent here in Bozeman?

Stay healthy, y'all!!