Thursday, November 29, 2007

Head Check

First of all, it's snowing buckets. YEAH! Second of all, some of you know that the last three days have been really crappy for me emotionally. Some things have happened that have saddened me deeply, and in the past, this kind of highly charged situation would have completely train wrecked me. I would have really questioned my own self worth, and my concern and hurt would have stopped me from succeeding at what is important to me.

So Health Update: I'm a lot more mentally healthy than I used to be! While I am greatly saddened by the drama that is happening, and while I was forced to remove an important post from my site (thanks for which I have yet to receive, by the way), and while I know people are having a MEETING with out me to discuss my post and how horrible it was for them, even though it was a post about me making decisions about my life and did not mention any person or organization by name... I am more resilient than I used to be, and I am (more) able to feel sorrow for the people that are taking the time and energy to turn this into a huge issue, and more able to distance myself from it.

This is good.

This entire situation does indeed underline for me that I made the right decision in removing myself from this group, because I really feel that honest communication is important, that there is just too much passive aggressive and manipulative behavior that occurs in the organization. It saddens me because I enjoy the people in the group, the activity they do, and I can't really get more specific than that, or I'll have to take this one down, too.

I want to thank you for all your emails and your concern about the ethics of me removing my post, and I understand your concern. Following is a reply to a comment I got about the removal, which should explain some things:

Basically, I was threatened by the organization, and I gave in because while the post that I wrote was anonymous, and personal, and did not attack a person, an organization took it personally, and threatened me...

...The sad thing is that my post was a personal one about my decision making, and the organizations behavior has now turned the situation into what I am sure is a very uncomfortable, angering, personal and embarrassing situation for a woman who I admire and simply had a private difference with.

Now, I have been forced to air all our dirty laundry before her peers, which I find unconscionable. But that is the choice of this group. And that's why I choose to distance myself from them.

I wish them luck, and I wish no more drama for me.

Thanks again for all your concern.


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