Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

First, can I say that am thankful for you?! I hope your turkey day was great! I hope you ate seconds! I hope you watched football and ate too much pie!!! And if you were really REALLY lucky, I hope you ski'd saddle peak! (I just read about this guy's freshies in 30" of powder on Saddle and wanted to cry... MUST SKI SOON!!

By the way, Big Sky OPENS tomorrow!! I have a meeting, but I'll be there Sunday!

We had a lovely thanksgiving, my mom came up from Truckee. This year, I didn't really want to cook for some reason, probably for the first time ever! But I was in the co-op picking up something for the HALIBUT dinner we had planned, and I heard someone talking about turkey and I completely freaked out.

How, HOW can I not cook a turkey this year??? (for those of you not in the know, I am a vegetarian, but I make meat for my family occasionally.) HOW can I deprive my five year old of TURKEY DAY?

So I bought all the accoutrement at the last second and my mom and I spent all day cooking, which is always lovely. The dinner was spectacular, the left overs are delicious, and all is right with the world.

Halibut tonight, Turkey Pot pie (and a tofu pot pie for me) tomorrow.

PS. These are photos from our celebration, the fan thing we are looking at is a beautiful German carousel that spins from the heat of the candles. My lovely sister Beth sent it to me from Germany, where she is working on Speed Racer, the Movie! The kids were entranced by it.

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