Thursday, November 29, 2007

Training Log: Nov 29: in which my MOM goes to Taekwondo!

How hard core is she? I managed to get my act together and focus for the last two days, in spite of all the drama going on. I took my mom to Taekwondo. Let me say this: She celebrated her 60th birthday quite a few years ago, and the woman STILL kicks ass and looks tremendous.

It was so fun to take her. And of course, I didn't take her to the beginning class, no I had to take her to the hard core, brutal Thursday night work out. Its the only night she could come.

She rocked it. We started with 100' or so of rollovers. Start on your stomach, do 10 pushups. Roll over onto your back, do 10 crunches, roll over onto your stomach, do 10 supermans, roll over onto your back, do 10 scissors with your head in the air. Keep doing this until you get to the other end of the studio. Welcome to Taekwondo, mom!

She learned axe kicks, roundhouse kicks, and how to hold a paddle. She participated in the piggy back race. YES SHE DID! She carried another student on her back all the way across the studio, and was carried herself!


She had a great time, and we talked after words about why Taekwondo is such a fantastic workout. here's what we had to say:

* it engages your brain completely because the movements are challenging and complex
* it challenges you physically, but is adaptable (like yoga) for all fitness levels
* the studio is an incredibly supportive, encouraging, positive place, so you leave feeling better than you got there. The students take their cues from the teachers, from Master Saltz and his amazing wife Sally Sills, all the way down the line. There is no ego, just encouragement and support
* all the belt levels train together, so it feels non competitive unless you choose to bring a sportsman like competition frame of mind with you
* its a great workout, but its so fun that you don't care how hard it is

I am grateful to have found such a truly outstanding studio in Bozeman... trust me, trainers this good are hard to find!! I have been in several martial arts studios over the years, and most of them had good things to offer. But there are two things that really set Taekwondo West apart:

They work you out as though every individual in that room has the potential for greatness, making each student feel valued, honored and important.

They bring humor and joy to the workout, so while they expect respect and discipline, it is not a rigid militant dictatorial environment.

Come work out with us, its so fun!


Liat said...

That is a SICK picture! It's cool to see her having so much fun. Good Job, Mom!!

Anonymous said...

My abs are still aching. I tried the pushups, crunches, supermans and scissors again today and could hardly move--- thanks Kate.

a said...

Good for YOU! I am so proud of you! Master Saltz was totally impressed. Keep up the good work! You are FIERCE, woman. Truly Fierce.

PS. I like the idea of you as a warrior. Yes, ma'am!