Thursday, November 15, 2007

Training Log: Nov 15: Who says making art isn't a workout?

Oh, MAN, my legs are SHOT! Haven't been to TKDall week, but building my sculpture has certainly been a workout! Spent all day Tuesday in a forward fold, gluing the strips together, consequently, my hamstrings are SINGING today!

Can you believe the SAW in this photo? The guys from Big Timberworks in Gallatin Gateway cut the Marmoleum for me on their giant saw. There were like five guys, the whole yard crew came over and got involved to make it work. They completely saved my life, I was five minutes from doing it by myself in the snow in the driveway with a skillsaw and a sawsall! YEAH! Thanks, guys!

Anyhow, just a quick post to say: I eat much better when I am working out than I do when I am making art, and I am going to strive to change that today. I hope to get all three paintings hung and the sculpture (well, I have to finish one of the paintings) before 3:40 so I can take Ethan to HIS Taekwondo class, and etc, and then get to mine tonight. Its not likely, but its a goal!

Check out these hard working women! It was a crew of six volunteers, two giant tubs of glue, and 1300 feet of Marmoleum (helped along by two bottles of wine, salad and some Pizza... thanks, Claudia!) Yes, it took seven hours to glue the entire thing together, and then five hours yesterday to apply electrical tape along the edges to clean them up. (Which, by the way, started to come off when we rolled it up, thats what we are going to tackle today...)

Don't forget to come to the show and see the finished product!

See you there,


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