Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Training Log: Nov 6: All Better!

Either I have super human healing powers (entirely possible) or the tear wasn't as bad as we first thought (that can't be it), but my leg is all better!

I was a good girl, I wrapped it, iced it, then alternated heat and ice, then just heated it, massaged it a couple of times a day, rested it completely for 6 days, then warmed it up and stretched it and guess what? I went to Taekwondo last night and it was fine.

It was a bit stiff, and when it was my standing leg, I could feel it, but as the class went on, it got better rather than worse, and I am going to pronounce myself good to go. Which is a good thing, because I am back on the snow in 10 days! I need to get my ass in SHAPE again!

I was all freaked out about having torn it because, at the end of last season, I asked Michael what he wanted me to come back with in the fall, and the FIRST thing he said awas that he wanted me beack healthy. Next was with great balance. I added leaner, stronger and more fit.

I have one more month until it is put to the test, and so far, we have accomplished leaner and stronger and more fit, although I have lost quite a bit of fitness having been resting my hamstring injury since AUGUST.

SO. Here we are. I think a month of hard work will put me in a good place to start the season hard.

I am really excited to be incorporating Taekwondo into my training program because it is a truly outstanding leg workout, it takes balance, flexibility, a lot of one footedness, and its 90% legs.

Next move: get back in the gym. So far we have managed to get going on balance board, and taekwondo, now we need to add the weights, yoga and cardio back in. Whew! Better get them sculptures built and out of the way so I can focus on my winter job! I REALLY don't want to get my ass kicked hard by the ridge this winter!

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