Thursday, November 1, 2007

Yup, I tore it.

Welcome back from your hamstring injury! Are you excited to get to work, and get strong? You have one month until you ski!

WOOPS! Lets tear our adductor muscle!!

For heaven's sake. Whatever. Its wrapped, I'm on ibuprofen, I have a big prescription of Percodan, I am working out the rest of my body. I am just going to work around it, I can't sit still for another month! AHHhhhH!!!

By the way, I found a great website for rehabilitating muscle injuries. It has a lot of really useful information. I went to the urgent care to get it looked at, and she described it as "ropey, lumpy, swolen", which, according to this web site, means I should go see a sports medicine guy.

Anyone know of someone who is really excellent here in Bozeman?

Stay healthy, y'all!!

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