Friday, November 9, 2007

Training Log: November 8 : TaeKwondo, the world's best ski conditioning workout??

Alright, guys! We are back in the swing of things! My leg is totally healed, and I eased into working it out again slowly. Last night I went to my first "hard core" TKD workout (The other classes this week were luckily more technically oriented, excellent because I needed to learn the specifics of the begining movements, and I needed to take it easy on my leg...)

So here it is: First of all, Master Saltz is apparently quite the guy in the TKD world, I had NO idea! He's written the definitive book on TKD. Turns out he is also a National Champion, as are several of his students! Day-um!

My workout last night was awesome, awesome, awesome! I love a workout that is just out of my reach, I have lost quite a bit of fitness (Remember in August when we went for an 11 mille hike followed by an 11 mile trail run (BECAUSE WE WERE LOST?)? Yeah, jogging up and down the mat wore me out. WOW!) Anyhow, it was a challenge. We jogged several laps, then we did lunges up and down the length of the studio, followed by duckwalks up and back, bunnyhops up and back, "Chair" hops, jumping lunges, and then we spent the rest of the time working in Front Stance, which is similar to Warrior 1 for all you Yoga enthusiasts. I couldn't do them all. I am used to the Martial Arts idea that you suck it up and do it anyway, but I decided to just pull back and ease back into it so that I don't get injured again, Michael would kill me! So I didn't push it to the limit, and yet, my thighs are FRIED! Yay!

The only issue I have with class is that i have an old boxing injury (can you believe it? Who has an old boxing injury? What am I, a 60 year old ex prize fighter? not really...) Anyhow, punching, as well as things like the row machine and bicep curls really hurt my forearm at the elbow, because of old hyperextension injuries. I know from experience that if I go slow and build the muscle, I can build a lot of strength and it doesn't hurt as much, but it is SO hard, beause accidently punching out just once on that side will hurt it, and then it takes weeks to heal. The other issue I am running into is my gnarly feet issue. I couldn't do a full lap of duckwalks because my toes are so messed up, they snap, crack, and hurt during. I think its because of my tendon and frostbite issues from skating. They are pretty sore this morning, so I am not going to class tonight, hopefully by Monday everything will be healed up again. I might have to do some toe strength conditioning!!

Here is the lovely thing, though. The whole time during our class, Master Saltz is going "Ski season is coming! Don't you need to be in shape?" Let me tell you, if I do this just twice a week, I will have legs of DOOOM! Of course, this morning, I am thinking about how lovely and sore my legs are, and I am realizing that Master Saltz did all the exercises with us, and then it occurs to me that he teaches at least four classes a day, and he does all the exercises with every class! Good GOD, no wonder he's in great shape! Okay, the gauntlet has been thrown, the bar has been raised, and I am ON FIRE, lets GO!!!


Anonymous said...

Great TKD workout! I know duckwalks fry my quads! Keep up the great work and happy holidays!!

a said...

Thanks, BC! Yeah, its pretty phenomenal for leg strength! I've been away from TKD all week as I get back into skiing, and won't get to go next week either, as I'll be in Aspen (oh, boo hoo), but I'm looking forward to getting back into it!