Monday, November 26, 2007

Training Log: Nov 26: Taekwondo really IS the best ski workout ever!

Yes, its official, I am addicted to TaeKwonDo. And YOU can be, too! Master Saltz has agreed to consider doing a punch card for those of you who train and ski in Big Sky! All y'all jump in a van and get your butts down here to Taekwondo West on Rouse and watch your thighs and glutes get rock hard.

TONIGHT, I was late, unfortunately, and this is my favorite class, because it is usually killer. I showed up and was greeted with "yes you can join us, come over here and do 40 pushups" thats what I get for being late. I was PSYCHED to get to join the class 1/2 hour late, though, and really glad I went anyway. A half our of hard work is better than no hard work just because you are late! And class ended up going long anyway, so I got a great workout.

After my push ups, I got to learn to throw someone over my back and on the ground, and lucky me, that person was Master Saltz! I couldn't help it, I said "Do I really get to throw you on the ground now?" Yes, you do, Kate. Don't get too excited, he can spring right back up and kick your ass from here to next Friday.

By the way, I did ask them (Master Saltz and his wife, Sally, also a blackbelt) if they sit around their living room in the evenings and thinking to themselves, "I could totally kick your ass right now", but apparently life is much more about their 17 month old TWINS and much less Mr. and Mrs. Smith, thank you very much. I had this image of a very dangerous version of King of the Bed. (If you don't know what King of the Bed is, I am sorry, its the best game every played.)

Right, back to the point (sorry, I'm a bit rambly tonight), the workout consisted of roundhouse kicks up and down the mat on a shield, which I LOVE. I got two of mine to make a very pleasant THWACK sound, which finally felt like it might be noticeable if it actually hit a person. THEN, on my left side, I kicked really hard, thinking as much as I could about rotating my standing leg, and I must have hopped to rotate it, because the force of my OWN KICK took it out from under me, and I landed on my ass. It was AWESOME. SuperKate strikes again!

We got to do spinning back kicks, which were nice and solid and feel very forceful. I have decided I am going to get just my yellow belt, because they got to do a lot of jumping and spinning, which I'd love to learn. I am a bit fond of my white belt, though, and am sad to think of entering a competitive ranking system, when I'd rather just learn it and move along according to where I am. Makes it harder for the teacher, I am sure, though.

I had a bit of a funny moment in class tonight when I looked at the Blackbelts, there are two new ones, very hard working students who really are incredibly strong and dedicated. These guys are serious, and they won their belts the hard way. I was looking at how thick the dye was on their belts, they are inky black, super new, "It can get none more black than this". And then I looked at Master Saltz's belt and it is turning white. He's had it so long and tied it so many times that the dye is fading and the edges are white. I wonder if they ever replace them. I hope not. I think it would be a wonderful thing to have worn your belt for so many years that it becomes so white that you come full circle. I love the idea of gaining enough mastry in a sport that the sport becomes simple again, as to the beginner's mind. And that's our zen moment for the day. Thanks.

I had to check my Will-O-Meter in class tonight, twice, once doing repeating standing tuck jumps, where your knees had to hit your partners hands (at chest hight) 50 times IN A ROW with no bounces or pauses. I could only do 6 in a row, and I got to 37 out of the 50. The second set I could only do 26. The blackbelt end of the line was all jump, jump, jump, 50! Impressive.

I just checked my posts and realized, I haven't posted my Will-O-Meter theory for all of you! You must feel so deprived. I'll put it up tomorrow, it's one of my favorites!

I can't wait for tomorrows class! I hope it kicks my butt severely!!

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