Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A little balance, please!

Ive been really enjoying getting out on the slackline, its amazing training for core and balance, and my kids really love it, too! I have to say its a bit addicting. It started snowing again last night and I actually got frustrated for a moment because I want to be able to get on the slackline again!

Right now, I'm just focusing on balancing on one foot or the other for at least 20 seconds, and walking. On Mother's day, we played on it for about two hours, and I learned to jump onto the line from both sides, which was awesome! I didn't think I'd be able to do that!

This line is a Gibbon Jib Line, it was designed especially for tricklining, and I've seen people do flips and moon bounces, all kinds of crazy things on it. We did find out that the "action" the amount that it wobbles back and forth, is greatly reduced when the line is strung longer. Something to keep in mind for us beginners!

One of the coolest things about getting out on it is that people come up and ask if they can play. Its an amazing way to make friends, and Ethan and Bodhi have a lot of pride that this is their line. From now on, we are going to have to put up a couple of lines, because there was a group of about 10 kids who were having a blast jumping and bouncing and sitting and kneeling and running on the line, so us big kids had to wait our turns patiently! What a great day! I'm sorry I don't have photos of the kids, I left my phone in the car. But a friend of mine shot this of me, lets compare it to the end of the summer when I'm looking a bit more svelte and strong, what do you think?

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