Thursday, January 14, 2016 launches!

Hi there!

Thanks for being a reader at! Things are evolving, and I'm excited to continue sharing the journey from a new platform. 

At you will find this blog, as well as links to NEW and exciting materials as they become available! Videos, tips, tricks, stories, text books and more are at the new site, and everything is going to be updated from there moving forward. Please sign up at the new website to continue receiving posts directly to your inbox!

Once you sign up at, you'll get a monthly email updating you on trips you can take around the world and exciting adventures to help you along on your own journey!

Skiing and Yoga are the frameworks that I have found for my own evolution, through them I've found an excuse to travel, put strange food in my mouth, pray at strange temples, bathe in cold rivers, swim through muddy waters, and emerge still wondering who I am....

Head on over and see what's new, and thanks again for reading. 

Here's to an interesting journey!


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