Friday, September 19, 2008

Quickie update...

Hi, guys... oh, patient readers! I am FINALLY feeling like a human bean again,the biggest issue I seem to have post gnarly oral surgery is that I have like 8 or 10 stitches in my periostium, the membrane that covers the bone, and then they pulled the gum up and over that, stitched that closed, so the ends of the stitches in the periostium are sticking THROUGH my gums and poking out like little plastic hairs, and any time I MOVE anything in my mouth, they wiggle, like pushing around a piercing right after its done, so its SUPER freakin' sore, and the ends are also scratching the hell out of the inside of my cheek and under my tongue, where there's more of them.

BUT, I'm off the Percodan and I walked on Wednesday and Thursday nights, about 1 1/2 miles Wed and 3 miles on Thursday. We are a week out from surgery, and movin' in the RIGHT DIRECTION!

Two new things in the sidebar at the blog proper (if you get this in your email, click on it and go check it out!) First, I've added a couple new blogs, today I added one about an expedition going up Annapurna I by Stonewear Designs Climber Tonya, and I've added the Blogger "Follow" feature, as well as a countdown to NEW terrain at Bridger Bowl!

Angela and I went and saw the Alpinist Film Festival last night, WOW, and I have more on that and all KINDS of stuff to write about (my To Blog About list is two pages long right now... must learn to balance being in school with continuing to Blog!)

Right now, I am getting ready to go to a meeting with Bonnie Hickey, our ski school director, about training at Bridger Bowl this year. More later, thanks for checking in!!

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