Friday, February 6, 2009

Hit the Road!

And, after four hours of packing, I'm ready to go! Just wanted to say thanks, as this blog is supposed to be an honest account of "what it takes", here's what it took this time to get on the road:

Help from my amazing school to get time off class without being penalized. (Thanks, Ruth!) Which meant, not sleeping until 2 or 3 in the morning every night while I caught up on previous missed work from clinicing at Bridger!

About 10 hours of massage a week to save money to make it there and feed myself! (Thanks, awesome massage clients, you ROCK!)

A nice donation to my training fund. (Thanks, Susie, YOU ROCK!)

Time off work at Bridger to go train. (Thanks, Bonnie, Dave and Josh, YOU GUYS ROCK!)

Tom committing to babysit the kids alone for two weeks (Thanks, kids and Tom, you guys, well, you know...)

Tiffany videotaping all the class I am missing, me videotaping a presentation I am supposed to give for Pathology class... (Thanks, Tiffany, you are in my heart!)

POC sending a box of gear for demos, Elan shipping out some 09/10 gear for the photo shoot, Powder considering the article on Cliff Hucking Camp, 32 Degrees signing on for an article on women's camps... (Thanks, guys!)

Crested Butte Mountain Resort taking care of me and Devon, the photographer for the articles... (whew! Thanks, CBMR! We'd be sleeping in my truck...)

And Megan and Kurt taking care of me in Aspen, so once I get there, I can get my butt on the lift to ski with them, and Squatty and Weems again!

So once again, it takes a village, and a month of hard work and no sleep to get my ass to Aspen! In my truck I have touring gear, cross country gear, all mountain gear, race gear, massage gear, ice skating gear, and food. Ready??

To my huge ski family, thanks for getting me out the door, let the adventure begin!!!

Much love and gratitude,

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