Thursday, February 5, 2009

Amanda is on iTunes!

From my awesome hiking buddy and mom of doom, this chica is MAKING HER DREAM COME TRUE!

Congratulations, Amanda, the songs are AWESOME!

We're on itunes, itunes....The Tractor Song & Trophy Wife are now available for a .99 download. Unbelievable! Vanessa's voice is amazing and really makes it sound like a hit. Thank you, thank you to Atlanta musicians and music producers, Angela Motter and Clay Cook who successfully co-produced my original songs, lead vocalist, Vanessa Olivarez, Fiddle player, Walter Ray, drummer and male vocalist, Tony Caporale, banjo and acoustic guitar, Angela Motter, and Clay Cook on the bass and steel guitar.

So cool, I never thought this would really happen. So go download my friends!!! Just type in Amanda Martin Fowler on itunes and the tractor will pop up. Fun.....Consider it a contribution to the artistic fund for one crazy lady on a mission.

Love to all,
Your Trophy Wife

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You're the best, Amanda. I had a blast. Let's do it again soon.

Maybe I could come to you and you could teach me how to ski?