Saturday, January 31, 2009

Countdown to Road Trip of DOOOM! (No, literally, count down $$!)

Thanks to Aspen photographer Cesar Piotto ( for the photos for this post, they are amazing! Skier: Trent Jones

As usual, its getting close. I had to do some, uh, work on the Bronco (okay, the driver door won't open again, and the transition is falling out...) but aside from that this little buggy has kept me safe and warm all over the country since 1991. I know it can make it 28 hours plus some just ONE more time!

On Friday, I'm leaving for Aspen, to go visit with and train with an AWESOME group of friends for about seven days, then its off to Crested Butte for Alison Gannet's Rippin Chix camp! If it doesn't work out, I can always sleep in my truck, I actually kind of enjoy eating granola in my sleeping bag... The only down side is how cold my ski boots get.

Devon Ballet, another photographer from Aspen, will be coming with me to shoot pix of me crashing while I huck myself off various rocks and bushes and whatever else Alison points at and says "Go jump off that."

Skier: Reilly McGlashan

I'll be writing my adventures up for my blog, here, but also (cross your fingers) there are three magazines considering this adventure for a feature! Yay! Hopefully we'll hear definitively before Friday, as our lodging and lift tickets in CB are tied to the article... yipes...

I'll be taking a big box of POC helmets and armor with me to do some demos in Aspen and in CB, and... there's a good possibility I'll get to ride on some 09/10 Elan stock for camp as well! Oh Oh OH!

So, we are all set to go, time off from school and work, logistics for shipping of gear are all nailed down, ski dates all confirmed... OH did I mention my MOM will totally randomly be in Aspen while I am there?? How fun will THAT be??

With five days to go, I face a hurdle I've faced many times before, I'm short gas money to get there. Yup... sing it with me... how many massages can I give before Friday?? I have this great nightmare of running out of gas about four hours from Aspen...

Skier: Reilly McGlashan

So I'm very excited about this epic trip, and a bit stressed out, which is okay, but its REALLY funny that its manifesting itself in anxiety dreams like this: I'm getting my hair trimmed, and the dude dyes it bright Ronald McDonald red, and then cuts it into a mullet of dooom. I kid you not. What? Really? I had a mullet in every single dream last night. I actually woke up and rubbed my head to make sure I still had hair! Hee hee! The journey continues...

UPDATE: Looks like I'm getting close! I still have massage openings tomorrow afternoon, and Tuesday and Wednesday evening... 406-599-5070

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