Sunday, January 11, 2009

Carrie and Kevin ski Thunder Road again and again and again

So I had the pleasure of skiing with Carrie and Kevin (the fearless parents of Emma, Marie Claire and Jack) today, because they need to catch up with their kids! Jack is leaping off cat tracks in to South Boundary, Emma is skiing with a pack of feral ridge hiking kids, and Marie Claire is tackling moguls. Time for mom and dad to get it together!

We made a goal for the day, to technically improve their skiing and cement the new movements as much as we could, so that when they go out into the gnarl following one of their ski-obsessed children (I heard Emma wants to learn to tune her own skis! YES!), the movements would BE there for them to use, and they hopefully won't have to ski defensively as Jack goes Mach 6 through the trees.

We talked a lot about courage and being present in this moment so that you can ask your body to do what you need it to do, and we ferreted out a solution to getting dumped in the back seat. After cycling through all the drills I could throw at them, we came to rest on one that made everything click for Kevin, and Carrie suddenly realized that she can ski. And pretty darn well. In skied out bumped up powder on a black run.

At 9 this morning, both of them were getting tossed into the back seat and skiing with a bracing leg, forcing them to step their inside ski around. By noon, they were both MUCH more forward, and there was little to no stepping occurring! AWESOME! Great work, guys, it was a pleasure to ski with you!

No free skiing for me today, Bodhi had the ick, so I came home at lunch and we made a huge collage out of my old skiing magazines in front of the fire. Ahhhh.

For more videos of Kevin and Carrie, click here!

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