Sunday, January 4, 2009

Avalanche Warning for Saddle Peak

This is an excerpt from this morning's Avalanche advisory. PLEASE read it, and visit their website, and sign up for an avalanche class if you ski out of bounds!


Saddle Peak is not within Bridger Bowl’s boundary and has never been avalanche controlled. But you’d never know this from watching people ski it. We’ve seen everything from a mob of skiers center punch the face to multiple groups of two littering themselves all over the slope at the same time. This is dangerous backcountry behavior. Skiing one at a time in avalanche terrain is our backup in case we’re wrong and trigger a slide. That’s also why we carry beacons, probes and shovels. Believe me; we definitely get it wrong sometimes. I study the snowpack for a living, and there’s no way, no matter how LOW the avalanche danger is, that I’m going to ski Saddle Peak side by side with my friends. Who’s going to dig me out?

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