Sunday, January 25, 2009

As a Matter of Fact, the Wheels Have Stopped

WOW, Hi, guys! Its been quite a while since my last post. I know that I'm officially overbooked when I stop blogging, its the last thing to go, and the final indication that I need to take a break, reorganize, and reboot.

Its been a great, and insane, two weeks! Mr. Steve Hill came out from Whitefish to clinic us here at Bridger, so I took a day off of school to attend the "How Close Are You to the Level 2/3 Bar?" clinic. Then, I got a chance to spend a day freeskiing with Steve and Mason and Jeff, so I took ANOTHER day off school and charged all around Slaushman's, which was awesome!!

I crashed a couple of times on those days, um... skied the steep stuff okay, ate it once in the moguls, and once going down a little drop off where I had to point my skis straight. I'm really, really bad at going straight!! By the time I realized that I was actually going to give it a try, I was too far down into the chute to get properly forward on my skis, so I went straight from the back seat, and tried to ollie over a rock rather than just hopping over it, ending up even FURTHER in the back seat, and basically limboing out on my tails. Oops. Glad I was wearing my spine protector!!

We skied a 50 degree chute, which we weren't really sure was 50 degrees, but today I went back out there with Joe Krakker and Kurt Blunck (yay!) and checked it with an inclinomiter and guess what? 52 degrees! Yay! Steep is GOOD!

Something crazy is happening to me in the bumps, by the way, I don't often ski them "at speed", but today, chasing Joe and Zach around, I knew that if I didn't keep up, I couldn't ski with them! So I sucked it up and went for it. It was a bit of a rodeo, but I managed to make some decent turns, and I got launched a few times, but the good thing was that whenever I ended up in the air, well, for the MOST part when I ended up in the air, I knew where my feet were going to hit, and they came down tips first! woo hoo!

So. Lots of good skiing in the last week, a bit MORE behind at school, but catching up today, booked completely for the two day's I'm working at the Salon doing massage, missing my boys...

I gave two talks at Bridger this past week, for which I am VERY grateful to have had the opportunity to share some things I've been thinking about (I took the "A Better Student Makes a Better Teacher" post and turned it into a giving and recieving feedback), and they went really well, I was psyched.

I leave for Aspen on Feb 6, and have to be ALL caught up with all my homework, blogging, emails and bills before then... Mach 6 until then, and I think I'll spend the first two days in Aspen sleeping (HAH! Like that ever happens...)

But I'm psyched to get in two days of skiing with Megan, two with Squatty, a bunch with Kurt, and then its off to Cliff Hucking Camp with Allison Gannet!!


Thanks for your patience, I'll try to get back on track here!!


Capt. E said...

I had fun skiing that chute with you. I hope we can get a few more runs in before you go to camp.

a said...

Mason, this was one of my favorite days skiing. I love exploring the Ridge with you, and i'll miss you tons this year! Lets get on something steep together this season!!