Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cloudveil Granite Hoodie is Awesome!

Alright, I put it to the test! Although, its so cute, that I didn't really want to. I'd been wearing it around town when it was about 40 degrees, and it was a perfect little jacket. I really REALLY didn't want to get it all gross and sweaty. But the time came.

Angela and I went for a ski up on the ridge, we did Morning Glory (WOW the snow was GREAT!), and I stripped off my jacket and did the hike in the hoodie. The wind on the ridge can get pretty fierce, and on this day, it was only blowing about 20 miles per hour, and was probably about 20 degrees up there.

I was warm, did not feel the wind, and I could move, carry my skis, wear my pack, the arms stayed over my wrists, it was great!!

The only thing I wished this awesome little jacket had would be pit zips for the hike up, because the wind pro worked SO well, I was sweating!

I wore it again today, it was about -20, and we went up to ski Slauchman's Ravine, and I had it under my thin down. I was worried I'd be too warm, but once again, it proved to be the ultimate layer! I was warm but not over warm, just peachy happy!

Again, I'd love to have the pit zips for hiking, but I wear this goodie every day!! Thanks, Cloudveil!!

UPDATE: Okay, I put it to the test. It was -11 at the base, and blowing at 40-50 miles an hour on the ridge. So we decided to go ski Hidden, which is this SWEET little shot that is a pain in the butt to get to. We hiked up to the ridge, and then traversed in the wind all the way to the North boundary of the ski area. I was in my hoodie fleece with a down sweater over it, and while my cheek got frostbite, the rest of me was warm, toasty, and didn't feel the wind at all! My new opinion of this layer: KICK BUTT AWESOME!

But I'd still like pit zips!

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