Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dispatch from NASTC: Interski 2011 and more!

I got this in my mailbox last night, so many exciting things are going on in the world of skiing right now!! OH MAN I'd love to be at Interski! I'm so proud of our Team and all the delegates that have gone! Good luck guys!


Some cool events are coming up in both the NASTC world and the ski world overall.  We've been hearing back from the U.S delegation to Interski 2011 in St. Anton, Austria and sounds like our PSIA Alpine Team is doing us proud.  Our team gave a strong presentation  on freestyle skiing, technology evolution and teaching and adaptive teaching that resonated well with the other delegations and audience members.  36 different countries are represented at Interski and it is the closest event to the Olympics for ski instruction professionals. 

The famous Hahnenkamm downhill and super-g races will go off starting this Friday and Saturday.  The town of Kitzbuehel in Austria will be bursting at the seams as fans from across the world will flock to this tiny Austrian village to witness one of the most exciting events on the FIS World Cup circuit.  The Hahnenkamm is known as the most difficult course on the World Cup circuit.  The course includes jumps up to 80m which is about 262.5ft!! Steep slopes with up to an 85% grade.  The skiers will reach speeds up to 140 km/h which is about 87mph (most people don't even go that speed in their cars), they will have less than 2 minutes to complete the 2 mile long course, with a vertical drop of about 2831ft.  This is probably one of the most difficult courses in the world.

Daron Rahlves Banzai Tour is kicking off this weekend at Alpine Meadows.  This will be the first stop in the tour circuit where competitors will be vying for a $50,000 cash purse.  It is an event that combines skier cross, downhill racing and big mountain skiing technique and tactics.  4 skiers will race each other in each heat through gates in off-piste terrain.  This is event is likely to attract top skiing athletes from all over the country, whose talent and courage will be showcased with each heat they run.

All Conditions-All Terrain course at Alpine Meadows will be going off this weekend (in conjunction with the Banzai tour!)
3 full days of skiing and coaching with Chris Fellows at a great mountain - well known for its abundance of off-piste terrain and scenic views.  Price for the course is $995!!  Come on out, rake in lots of mileage, get great coaching and feedback on your skiing and start making some changes in your performance!

If you would like to have a peek at what the NASTC Val Gardena course will be like, click on the link below and start day-dreaming or trip planning!

Don't forget the Snowbird Performance Camp coming up soon.......Jan 27-31.  Enjoy 4 days of great skiing and coaching with Richie Jameson - the guy from "down-unda" who frequently references koalas, kangaroos and seagulls in his teaching verbage.  If you have ever taken a course from Richie, you know exactly what we mean!  Hop on over to Utah for some good times and who knows your skiing might also jump up a level or two while you're there.

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