Sunday, August 14, 2011

Revolight, an amazing idea for your bike, and Kickstarter, a solution for creatives who need funding.

About this project

With your help, we will morph Revolights into an innovative bike light solution used worldwide. We recognize Revolights are different, but we're from the Bay Area where different is, well, sometimes better. People aren't used to wheel mounted lights, but simply put, we intend to change that. Today we have a product (patent pending); a product we're proud of and believe in, but it's not complete! Our goal here on kickstarter is clear... we must further the revolution; the bike lighting revolution. We must raise enough support to take Revolights through the rest of design and final product development. We will take them from where they are now (v4 below) to where they will be at the end of 2011, as a viable, user friendly, finished product.

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Liat said...

I'm on board! Thanks for sharing!