Saturday, August 6, 2011

Winter Park gets it done during summer!

So we went to winter park to ride the dedicated downhill trails and see how the bike park was DONE. While we were there, I was stoked to find out that not only do they have the most awesome purpose built downhill trails around, they also have the summer scene dialed!

First of all, it was crowded, but in a good way. They rolled out a bunch of beverage carts and snack wagons so that no one had to wait very long for anything.

There we're families walking around, all ages, and tons of them were decked out in full downhill gear.

(The Stalter family getting it DONE!)

(little yacovitch chases his big kid friend down the trails at winter park)

(Molly from Teva has been bitten by the dh bug!)

Our first day out was amazing, then, on Monday, I jumped into one of the clinics! More about Winter Park Adventures coming up!

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