Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Chris Jones, The Ultimate Bachelor ??

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Oh for heaven's sake, with this attention whore stop at nothing?? (*** UPDATE *** we say this with much mirth, as we know Chris to be humble, and not just a bit embarrased about all the hype! You GO, girl!!) Chris Jones, Big Sky Ski Instructor and all around great guy, has been nominated for Cosmo's Bachelor of the Year! I got this letter from him, and yes, voted for him to win. Read on and help send one of PSIA's own to glory!

Chris' Cosmo Profile:

Name: Chris Jones
Age: 32
Hometown: Big Sky
Cosmo Username: MONTANABACH07
Occupation: Real-estate investor/developer
In his own words: “I’m spontaneous and funny.”
Flatter this fella by: “Telling me something deep about my character. It means much more than just complimenting my looks.”
Chick trait he craves: “I like a woman with many interests—someone who will wear stilettos one day and throw on hiking boots the next.”
Hook this hottie by: “Introducing yourself. Being forward impresses me.”
Secret spot: “Kiss my ears and I’ll go bananas.”
When he’s clicked with a chick: “Any time we’re ­together, time will just fly by.”
Turn-him-off topic: “A girl shouldn’t discuss drama she’s having with friends on a date.”
Dudes decoded: “Guys often become quiet, but it’s not ­because we are upset. We need that silence sometimes.”

And here's the letter from Chris with all the details of why you should vote for him!


This is a bit random but I need your vote!

Last spring I was nominated by two people I didnt even know for something I didnt even know existed. On October 15th the November issue of Cosmopolitan magazine hits stands and I will be in it. Its the -Most Eligible Bachelors 2007- issue. Along with the magazine is an online vote that begins very early on the morning of October 9th and runs till midnight on October 11th.

This all is a bit strange for me to say the least. I very rarely do mass emails, but if I receive the most votes and am deemed -THE- Bachelor of the Year I stand to win some really amazing prizes.

I think this is all a bit funny, at this point Im just kind of rolling with it. On October 16th I will be in New York for more media events and interviews and also for the party where they announce -THE- Bachelor of the Year.

So, please go to the following website October 9-11 and vote for Chris Jones - MONTANA:

Apparently I will be on the Today Show, Access Hollywood, E!, ect. throughout the month of October and November so keep an eye open. If you want to know exact dates and times I may be on TV please email me as I should soon be receiving this information.

Please help me get more votes and forward this email on!

Hope this finds all of you in good health and spirits,



Dances with Corgis said...

Too funny. I wonder if he is on TGR.

I found your blog via your youtube balance vids, which are sick! I put them on my blog :)

That guy has pretty bad odds being an eligable bachelor in Big Sky :)

a said...

Yeah, he's a catch, he'll be snapped up pretty quick. I had beers with him at the Progression Session and he was a most excellent date!