Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Your Kung Fu is no good against my Taekwondo!

So thank GOODNESS I have some Percocet left! Yes, indeedy do, as I often do, I injured myself. First, let me say that Taekwondo may be the worlds BEST ski conditioning there ever was. It is so much a combination of balance and power and LEGS. I went last week for my first class, and about an hour later I was thinking... oh man, I am going to be crippled tomorrow if I can already feel it! Yup. Super sore thighs for three days. SIGN ME UP!

Today we did kicks for an hour. Of course, I didn't drink enough water today, and I was running late, so I didn't stretch properly, and now, I have strained the adductor on my right leg, so i am all doped up, sitting on ice. Fantastic. Anyhow, we'll aggressively RICE it, and Ibuprofen the heck out of it, and try to get to class again tomorrow!

AND, a quick plug for the TRULY AMAZING studio that we go to: Taekwondo West on N. Rouse. This place is awesome. They are welcoming, friendly, AMAZING with kids (Ethan takes there twice a week), and committed to a very rigorous workout. They train everyone as though every person there has Olympic potential, and I love it. If you've ever been wondering, GO CHECK IT OUT!!

This last three months has been interesting for me. I have missed being in training so much, but I have been watching film and reading my book (Secret tactics), but whatever I did to my hamstring isn't really getting better. Dr. Litel says that I have a flat hip socket on that side, and I'll probably need a hip replacement there when I am older. I think what I did was pinch a ligament attachment in the socket itself. Anyhow, I've been out of commission, as you know by the dearth of posting. Not a whole lot of skiing or training for skiing has been going on.

But something interesting has. First, I have been spending a LOT of time with Bodhi, because we took him out of the evil preschools, and so its just him and me all day long while Ethan is at school.
Bodhi and I never got this kind of one on one time together before, and it has been just amazing for both of us. He comes in and we snuggle for about an hour or so in my bed, then we go out and make a fire and he gets into his blocks, and builds for about an hour, while I make coffee and check email, then we make breakfast together, and either go to his class (swimming or gymnastics) or we get out his paper and pens and scissors and he goes to town building these amazing constructions while I work on my painting or whatever. Its not a bad way to spend a day. So in a way, I am grateful for the injury, because it brought my family back into focus. I need badly to make sure I am not just balancing my time, but balancing my emotional commitment. I tend to get so rabid about the goal I have, that I can get distant from those who really matter in my life.

Last season, when I was just starting back again, I became a bit of a punk, staying out late, partying a bit much, and sort of reclaiming myself as a person separate from my children and my husband. It was a radical shift, and, I think, an important one to create that distance. This summer, I tried to find some balance in between, and in the last three months, I have been able to just sort of relish being a mom and a wife. So in a way, I've come full circle, but I have arrived at a much healthier place. I will be interested to see what this season brings, and if I can keep both my family and my training in a good place in my heart.

Another exciting thing is that there has been a lot of creative work while I have been out of the training mode, I am working on two large sculptures, BOTH going up in the next 16 days (AHHHHhhhh! Run screaming from the room! Too much to DOOOO!), I finished my painting commission (finally), and I am working on a series of landscapes for the Pierce Flooring show as well. I also wrote a children's book, and am in the process of editing and story boarding it, edited a friend's screen play, and started a new one of my own. (Because, you know, the three novels, and two other screen plays I have that are half finished are just not fun enough without even MORE on my creative plate.) It has been nice to have so much creativity flowing around the house.

Yet another great thing, during this training dearth, I have not gained any weight. Thank you, Dr. Backer! Anyone with an eating disorder in Bozeman, this is your man. I have finally made some significant progress on my relationship with food, to the extent that it no longer rules my life, and as such, I am at a stable, consistent weight, and able to pick up where I left off when I train, without having to work back down my "out of training 10" that I tend to put on.

And lastly, tonight, I was putting the boys to bed. Ethan, such a big boy at 5 1/2, crawled up the ladder to his bunk, told me he thought I looked like a teacher princess in my Taekwondo uniform, and promptly fell asleep. I crawled in with Bodhi, who asked me to rub his back while he fell asleep, and I noticed again that his back is about twice the width of my hand. He is still so small. And I really just took that second to be with him, to experience the size he was, the way his hair smelled, and the gentle breathing from the bunk above, and I have to say, as frustrated as I have been not to be at the gym, I am happy to have these boys to fill my time with.

(pictures: 1. Master Brandon Saltz of TaeKwonDo West. 2. The first snow man of the season! 3. All the boys ready for school 4. Ethan flies a plane ALL BY HIMSELF! (for about 10 minutes! up, down, left, right, awesome.) 5. PJ Day!)

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