Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Avalaunch Festival this weekend!

This Saturday! Oct 13 from 5pm to midnight:

The purpose of Avalaunch is to celebrate music, film and snow, while educating about environmental stewardship in the backcountry and avalanche awareness. Avalaunch is a festival that might just save a life by getting snowriders to think twice about how they ride in the backcountry as well as how they impact the earth and the future of snowriding. A percentage of all proceeds will go to benefit the avalanche centers for each festival community.

Tix are $20

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The Catharine Chronicles said...

Golly, I wish I could come. Montana is starting to wear off. The feeling, you know? I hate that.... We need to find a way to bottle it. No, that's no good. Then everyone would feel that way, and it would cheapen it. Guess I'll have to come back and visit in a couple of months.