Thursday, September 20, 2007

Training Log: Sept 18

THERE IS SNOW IN THEM THAR HILLS! Oh, tickle me, I am so excited. (Get a grip, Kate). Okay. Yesterday was a day of gentle work, because I have somehow tweaked my hamstring. Dr. Gary Litel to the rescue. But meanwhile, its Hot Springs and yoga for me! (bummer, dude).

So, this amazing teacher is working at the Ridge, now Nancy from YogaMotion, its REAL yoga by someone who knows what they are doing! YES!

Yesterday's training: Yoga, 20 minutes on the Balance360 board, study Secret Tactics, watch JGS2 (Thanks, Megan!!), therapy with Dr. Backer. I am learning to say "no!" to people so I have time for me. Go Kate!


The Catharine Chronicles said...

I'm so jealous of you. I want therapy with Dr. Backer. Okay, you caught me. I want to eat penne arrabiatta and drink cabernet with Dr. Backer.

The Balance360 board sound interesting. I coudn't get the video to work at work (firewall, I think), but I'll try it at home. It's a little hard to tell from the post -- did you do the yogo on the Balanceboard? Or did you do yoga first, then 20 minutes of core work on board? Enquiring minds (with ab work that must get done) want to know!

I sent you the Lady of the Frost. I did my share to make sure snow would start to fall early.



Unknown said...

Greetings from your long-lost ski-zen-student-in-training! Yes, I am out of treatment on a weekend pass. Freeeeee! Your site looks great, I like the new twitter feature a lot. Now people don't have to call you every 5 minutes!
So, just an update: my first night out- guess what I dreamed about: SKIING! I dreamed it was my first time on my new skis, but I kept forgetting my poles, so you sent me back to find them, then I couldn't find my skis. But I did get to ski a little, and, Man! those new skis are fast! I love you a ton and keep on truckin'. Love Liat

a said...

Hey, Liat! Its great to have you back via email! I am glad your pass went well, and I hope your home pass is a blast. We'll get on those skis soon enough, and I'll just tape your poles to your wrists so you won't forget them. I can't wait to ski with you!!