Sunday, September 9, 2007

PSIA 2007 Academy Video Bonanza!

YES! The outstanding Charlie McArthur has sent me the video from this year's Academy at Snowbird! Something happened to the last three minutes or so, but its a great piece of video! See if you can spot me! I'm in it twice, I wear all black and a grey helmet, and I ski like a girl... The first time is just after the cool tunnel at snowbird, a guy comes at you out of the tunnel with a video camera and then I have about 3 turns, and I'm in it again later when its snowing. But its hard to identify people, as it was snowing a bunch... What a great time this was, I can't WAIT for next year. And NOT just because Cindy's party was such a blast. Which it was.


The Catharine Chronicles said...

I want a skier, please. Just one. Pretty please. I'll take care of him and feed him and play with him every day.


P.S. Is that skiing like a girl? I ski like an orangutang at the moment. Or maybe a lemur. You'll fix that, won't you.

a said...

They are quite pretty, aren't they? Sign up for lessons, honey, and Cougar your little heart out!

The Catharine Chronicles said...

More motivation to look spectacular when I come for my lessons.

Bought a scale today (on sale, no less) that measures not only weight, but body fat, water and bone mass! It also gives you caloric estimate, based on the measurements of the day, as to what you can eat to stay the same weight.

It won't bring me a latte, though. I asked. It just laughed and laughed and laughed.

Oh, well... I'm smart. I can track my body fat %. I can make it go.