Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Updates in the Sidebar

I have updated a bunch of things in the sidebar! If you get this blog delivered to your email make sure you go to the blog and check it out.

Things that are new in the sidebar:

Twitter Updates:
I use a service called Twitter which allows me to update my location and activities from anywhere! Right now, it usually says things like "painting my house" or "making lunch" or "going to the gym", but soon it will say "standing at the top of Copper Mtn." and so on!

Training Calendar:
Want to carpool to a ski event? Wanna go for a hike? Just curious what insane people like us do while training in season? Check out my Training Calender.

Quotes that help:
Updated with my NEW favorite quote, which I am considering getting as a tattoo.

Then, scroll down scroll down to Nutrition Tips:
Lots of Books have been added!

Skinny Bitch
...Which I thought was going to be a hollywood diet and turns out to be a fascinating tome written by some amazing women... worth reading just for the FDA facts on Aspartame and how it got approved!

Veg: The Greengrocers Cookbook
...How do I use Chard? What else can I do with Broccoli? This amazing cookbook teaches you how to eat your veggies in an easy way!!

My Year of Meats
...A fictionalized account of a true story of a journalist who uncovered realities in American beef farming... terrifying and fascinating.

Your Body's Many Cries for Water
...Water cures everything. Most of Americans are horribly dehydrated, leading to headaches, depression, back and joint pain, acne, liver and kidney issues, high blood pressure... read this book and DRINK YOUR WATER! (If your pee isn't "clear and copious" you are dehydrated! It shouldn't smell, either!!

And of course, there is still...
The Omnivore's Dilemma, and Mindless Eating

The Nutrition Tips have been updated as well....

Then, check out the Other Great Books section for

Secret Tactics: Great Lessons from the Masters of Martial Arts
...excerpts from war strategy during the shogunite period of feudal Japan. Amazing, enlightening, challenging, and totally applicable to any sport you do.

Pure Heart, Enlightened Mind
...the journal of Maura O'Halloan, a 19 year old Irish New Yorker who traveled to Japan on holiday and ended up studying in a Zen Monastary, and later became a Budhist saint. And incredible book, easy to read, great instruction, and very inspirational.

Insight Meditation
...instruction on how to practice Vipassana Meditation

then, scroll down and visit the Links section for links to:
Boot Tech and Jim Lindsay
PSIA group on Facebook
and more.

Thanks for stopping by!

1 comment:

The Catharine Chronicles said...

I almost bought Skinny Bitch, but then I read the part where they said coffee was for pussies, and decided I would have to become their sworn enemies for life.

You can take my aspartame, you can take my diet soda, you can even take my junk food. Touch my coffee and you will surely die a horrible, horrible death. Think... "from my cold, dead fingers...."

But the rest of the books sound great. I've ordered Pure Heart, Enlightened Mind, even.

Gee, I miss Montana. I'm beginning to think I dreamed it.