Monday, September 17, 2007

Training Log: Sept. 17

Today was back day at the gym! The Ridge has totally expanded, new parking, bigger locker rooms, more machines, YES! I did pull ups, rear delt flies, hyper extensions, row, iso lateral row, total back, hanging abs, tricep pull downs, dips, and balance work on the bosu ball. Then I sat in the steam room and did a sitting for about 20 minutes. What a great place to practice your meditation! Its loud, and quiet, peaceful, but distracting.

Had an AMAZING appointment with Dr. Gary Litel, a chiropractor here in Bozeman. I have been looking for the perfect Chiro since we moved here. Thanks, MH for the referral!

I decided that in my training log, I will include other things that I consider training which aren't physical. So today I studied more of this incredible book that Michael has asked me to read, called Secret Tactics of martial Arts Experts Seriously. And it is incredibly applicable! I have a lot to write on after beginning to study this book.

15 minutes on the Balance 360 board tonight. Only one Red Bull today.

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