Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Go Time: Cheat Sheet from the Talk

Notes from the Performance in Pressure Situations talk.

Performance in Pressure Situations
With Kate Howe

• Rather than “I think I can” or “Oh Shit, Don’t Eat It”, perhaps a better regimen of solid performance tactics that let you feel “I know I can, this will be fun” would be helpful here!
• How do you want to feel? (calm, focused, happy, ready, excited, in charge…)
• How do you often feel? (nervous, in over my head, scared, worried, I left the iron on…)
• Things I can control (sleep, fitness, eating, training time, coaching, equipment…)
• Things I can’t control (weather, examiner, who I’m skiing against…)
• Worry Jar (write it down and drop it in, it will be there for you later)
• Pack your bag: Change of shirt: change of mood (can be change of hat, or whatever) Start Over clothes, food, overpack, ice, heat packs, tuning (diamond, gummy and know how to use!) etc. Care for yourself, honor yourself, create a home. Live out of your bag. Ipod mix: up and down, with or without friends.
• Start positive. Word of Power. Rituals. Learning your style: what am I? an amper or a sleeper? What feelings do you experience that aren’t nice? Log them. Induce the opposite. Michael: showtime. Kate, breathe.
• Words of Power: Remember, words of power are not magic words, or words that make you succeed! They are words that cue you into a place of calm command from which you will perform the best you can under the circumstances.
• Stay positive! Don’t focus on CANTs. Ie: Don’t fall. Focus on short positives, that you can hang on to. Mental Worry Jar. Find places in the run to take a win. Be wary of things you’ve used in the past: “I can do this” can sometimes means the opposite.
• Gag Your Critic: Duct tape his mouth shut. This is hard enough without people throwing baseballs at us.
• Take Your Wins: Fight your critic (he probably came back to life) good jobs, out loud, words of power and focus. Examine the mistakes after the run. Look at failure as an opportunity to shine. Be proud of yourself for overcoming adversity. WARNING: wow, I’m doing really well at this, I should try it FASTER! No, no you probably shouldn’t, if you are an amper.
• Get it BACK if you LOSE it: Easier said than done! Wins along the run help. From skating: 7 jumps triple jumps in 2 1/2 minutes. No time for regrets. Worry jar concept: POWER RECOVERY WORD: Next, this turn, now, okay, got it, etc. Failure as an opportunity to showcase talent. Everyone knows you will fall apart if you fall. What if you win instead? What if a fall or mistake doesn’t affect you until after the run?
• BE HERE NOW: (before) meditation concept, grounding concepts, aikido, taichi, (in) deep breath, loving voice, recovery word or focus word
• What makes you MOST uncomfortable? Find out and make it your favorite thing. Camera, examiner, being stared at, hot skiing buddy. Going last, going first.
• FAILURE AS A DIAGNOSTIC TOOL: sus out your weakness and drill it into strength. Your strength is your desert.
• Use your Will O Meter! What do you have left? More than you think. Look again. Ask for more. Pay ATTENTION to safety and fatigue, please.
• Define your goal. Know why you are going there
• Identify and remove impediments along the way.
• The Will to Win is the ability to play smart.
• Focus = Performance. Learn to put yourself in a place where you are truly focused on the task at hand. Medative state. Aggasi. Tiger woods.
• Utilize your support group. Weed your friend garden. (make sure your support group is supportive!)
• Bring what you have, know when its time to polish.
• Bring YOU!

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