Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Go Time: Article #3 Whats In Your Bag?

from the book "Champions in Training" by Kate Howe copyright 1992, 1999, 2008

This article will be shortly updated for skiing, but for now, here is how we pack our skating bags to give you an idea. Live out of your bag for a few weeks before a major competition so that your bag feels like your home locker room.

What’s In My Bag?

Can you control what you have in your bag? Yes, you can!

Your bag should always be packed by you with the following items, and checked before you leave for the rink. This way, you always have peace of mind that everything you need is in your bag.

Some people may think that this is a big list, full of too much stuff. Let them say that. They can control what's in their bag. Your bag is well packed for any emergency.

For items you buy at the store and will need to replenish, like athletic tape, pre wrap, instant ice, and protein bars (etc.) buy several, and keep them in a consistent place. When you use one, restock your bag. When you put the last one from the pantry into your bag, put it on the shopping list. This way you will never run out of your re-stockable items.

Skates (preferably 2 pair, one old comfortable pair, one that is in the process of being broken in.)

Skate blades should be sharp! (See A Note About Sharpening, p.xx)

Blister Kit (yes, even though you’ve had your skates for years and they don’t give you blisters. Wouldn’t you be sad if you suddenly got one after your warm up and before your program and you couldn’t just sit down and FIX it?)
Athletic Tape
Small Dr. Scholl’s Foam Pad

Foam Cookies
Towel or shammy for drying skates thoroughly
Hard guards (for each pair)
Soft guards (for each pair)
Extra athletic tape and pre-wrap
Instant Ice
Heat Patches (therapy patches for old injuries)(small box)
Hot Hands and Hot Toes x4
Your program music (all of it)
Coaching binder
Ipod or disc player, headphones
CIT Relaxation CD
Your favorite music – an energizing mix and a relaxing, calming mix
Something recreational to read if you have to wait somewhere (something fun and non-stressful)
Warm Ups (jacket and pants that can zip over your skates)
2 pr. extra tights, or socks, which ever you wear under your skates
thermal or warm long sleeved shirt in case its really cold
mittens and a hat

water bottle full of water
a good snack (or more than one, if you will be out for more than four hours)
luna bars
cliff bars
kind bars
edamame (cold cooked, or dried)
beef jerky
cut fruit, grapes, etc.

Your favorite tea! (Always nice to have in case you need to feel cared for or warmed up. Lots of places will have hot water for you)

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