Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Go Time: Challenges!

Performance in Pressure Situations
With Kate Howe

Challenge Sheet

Challenge #1: Learn what style of performer you are

USE: Clinic settings, friends and trainers to force performance situations
ANALYZE: Am I an Amper, a sleeper? A nervous nelly? A cocky bastard? Something in between?
WRITE: What your tendency is, and if it differs in different situations.

Challenge #2: Learn how people affect your performance and use them in a way that enhances it!

USE: A whole crowd of people! Friends, clinicians, the general public.
ANALYZE: How do people affect me… the day before, the night before, the morning of, an hour before, right before.
WRITE: what you wish you had from people in certain situations.

Challenge #3: Recover into Victory!

USE: Any run you bobble, any crash, alone or in clinic situations.
ANALYZE: How you feel when you mess up, what helps you get back on track.
WRITE: Words you used, what worked, what didn’t.

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