Thursday, February 4, 2010

The people you meet, while balancing your life

I came to Ink this morning to answer all the email, facebook, twitter, and to write some posts and catch up on the task force stuff, and check in on my calendar, clients, clinics, articles for ski and ski resorts, and an article I'm trying to write on Kim in Alaska again this year, as well as schedule in training days, fill out my diamond pro application, update the team training blog, and read a little more of Skiing and the Art of Carving before getting out on the hill at noon for some short turns practice...

All stuff that got sidelined with lots and lots and lots of work! I have been trying hard to balance days on the hill with being home at 3:30 for the kids, so when I'm working a lot, any time I'm not working has been dedicated to them, especially since my mom has been gone for a week, and they are finding their little feet (well!) here.

Things fall off one at a time, but I like the way its working. I'm looking forward to getting a new computer and having my workspace set up in our new house (we moved AGAIN! Now we are in a huge 3 bedroom apartment on the ranch, and my mom is bringing her large desk.)

I know, now that I've been practicing patience for three years (I like to have a focus), that its okay if I don't post today, because today we are moving, or today Bodhi needs to practice reading.

I feel much more the fluidity of my life, without guilt or judgement, and because of that, even though I'd like to be able to write more, (especially now!), I know that the writing is there, and that time will open up if I keep my intention firm.

So here I am, the stomach flu has passed through our house, Bodhi got it, I got it, Ethan got it, we got a little reprieve, then Mike and his Ethan came to visit, and his Ethan got it. Meanwhile, we moved to our new home, my mom left for Palo Alto, I took a race clinic, had a Public Speaking coaching and MA session, the X games started, I taught with the US Ski Team, and this Task Force started.

In order to find balance here, its become pretty easy to check in: I need to have the kids to school ontime with their homework done, good food in their bellies and a smile on their faces. Check. Next, I need to be to work ontime, with my gear ready, tuned, and some knowledge in my head. Next, I need to be learning more about my craft, its history, and how I make my skis work on the snow.

Next, I need to make sure that my kids are happy and making friends, experiencing their world and feeling connected to and loved by me. I need to see that they feel sold, independent, with no fear, with confidence and purpose. To that extent, we ski, we swim, we play in the clubhouse, we play chess, we have playdates, we cook, we play cards, we read, they slide around on the frozen pond outside. (Time to get some skates!)

Next, I need to be sure that I'm meeting my professional obligations. Am I giving my clients and the Ski Co all that I have to give? Am I a valuable employee? Am I working to my potential? Are my clients growing and excited to take the courage they find in skiing into their own lives? Am I managing my schedule well, am I following through on the things I say I'll do? Am I working and living with integrity?

Next, I need to say thank you and connect with the people in my life, Mike and his kids, who are a constant through line in my day, am I giving to them, not just taking from them? Am I listening to them, am I hearing what happens in their day? Am I not just hearing them, but experiencing their lives as well, so they feel valued by me? Am I telling them with my actions that I care about them?

How about my mom and my sisters? How about the lovely people that help me every day here, my good friends who I get to train with and play with and work with? Alisa and Neil and Cindy and Stacey and Megan and Georgie and Katie and Schanzy and Andy and Kurt? How about my mentors and friends Weems and Squatty? Am I saying thank you? Am I listening to them and asking about their lives? Am I hearing what is going on outside of my own sphere?

How about the people in Bozeman who I love? Jill and Angela and Shannon and Chris? Am I checking in with them?

Lets check back in on the kids and my schedule and obligations, then start again; my friends and family that live far away from me, Sue and Emily, Scotty and Selko... everyone is busy, but I love to say hello, I'm thinking of you...

And now we have to think about writing, how about some articles, some posts, some future. To have projects in the future, you have to put your toes in the water consistently in the present... I'm trying to get better at slow and steady work, rather than heaps in one go.

But what I've realized is that we all balance this much work. We all want to love and care for the people in our lives, we all want to do an excellent job at our job.

Today, I came to Ink to do all these things and get some work done. I sat down with my computer, intent on answering all the emails, and climbing back on top of my work load after Mikes lovely visit (during which I did no work, because this was his time, and Ethan's time... Family time.)

I sat down with my computer across from a man who had a music notebook out. He had handwritten notes all over his handwritten music. I had a choice. I could put my head down, or I could be open to the fact that this person might be someone I might connect with. What could I give to him? What did he need in his day? What would he give to me?

"Are you a composer?" I asked him. And he was. And we fell into easy conversation about music, and life and art. I told him about my dad, who was an opera singer, and we talked about Enrique Caruso, and suddenly we were talking about the Norton Simon museum, Rodan, John Singer Sargent, the Getty, Eli Broad's private art collection, Mike's love of bluegrass, antique instruments...

I started work about 45 minutes later than I'd planned. In the meantime, I'd connected to a man who connected me to my dad, my mom, my history in art and music, my boyfriend and his children, their love of music, excitement for the summer, and filled me again with a love of the creative. He inspired me.

This, perhaps, is a long winded way to say that although there is a lot to do in life, I feel like I do it all better when I keep my intent toward integrity, check in often, use my paddle to navigate, but allow for fluidity, because, I suppose, you never really know who is going to float by and experience you might gain, just by saying good morning, even when you are busy.

Thanks for your patience while I've been gone... I've missed you!

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Jongira said...

"filled me again with a love of the creative" <== as if you could ever escape the creative! I enjoyed so much your kid's explication of the earth's shadow. the groundhog's shadow.
Happy mid-winter's time to you!