Monday, March 15, 2010

Cat Skiing with Julia and Katie

I have the tremendous good fortune to have a really nice job. This past week, I got to go cat skiing with each dump we got. Julia and Katie and I went out into the Aspen back country with Aspen Powder Tours on some huge fat skis, and skied fresh powder all day long.

Its an incredible experience, and the terrain is perfect for someone who is a high intermediate level skier. Its mellow in pitch, with enough turns that you don't get exhausted, but you get into a rhythm. We had about 6" of snow each day, just enough for a beginning powder skier to learn to bounce. When there is a bottom like that, you have something you can push on just in case. And if you can butter your skis just right, you never have to hit the bottom.

Its an incredible ego booster for the skiers, to realize that they can ski conditions like this, and the great thing is that they can take their instructor on the cat for free. So you get all day practicing powder with an instructor there to help you out.

We met a ton of cool people on the cat, rocked the iPod all day on the way back up to the top, ate an amazing lunch at the little cabin in the woods, and bounced our way to bliss all day long.

For more information, visit Aspen Powder Tours

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Anonymous said...

hey.. i was on this powder tour with you gals.
you are way cool and me and my boys loved hanging out with you all day.