Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lovin' my Icebreaker

So I'm lucky enough to be sponsored by Icebreaker Pure Merino Wool! Earlier this season, just as my last Patagonia wool long underwear dissolved into Swiss cheese, I got a box in the mail of the most exquisite base layers I've ever had the pleasure to wear.

My favorite piece? Aside from the 260 weight capri long underwear (perfect for skiing) and the socks (cleverly marked R and L, and knit to fit your big toe, fill up your ski boots where they should and leave room where you could use some), and the sweaters and the neck gaiter and the delicious Olympia top...

My favorite has to be the boy-short underwear. Like a warm cloud on your tush, it has an amazingly flattering cut, and is warm on those icy chairlifts. I never feel sweaty or uncomfortable in them, and I could live in them forever!

To shop for YOUR favorite piece, visit!

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