Friday, April 16, 2010

Skiing in the Shower 2.0

I received a letter today that got me thinking about perception.

Because of this letter, which was hard to read, but important to receive, I realized that I need to make a change. I'd like to change the focus of my blog. To those of you that have been following for the last three years, I'm not abandoning my goal. I am skiing toward becoming a viable candidate for the 2012 tryout. But to that end, I'd like to turn the focus of the blog to the same focus that I've gone to personally over the last season, that of the process as opposed to the goal.

I have always felt for me that the whole thing was about the process, but I realize today that there is still some perception that requires me to listen. I feel humble and grateful in my heart, but I'm not sure that translates clearly into my blog.

I considered whether I should stop writing my blog, and I don't think that's fair to the people that enjoy reading it and have been so kindly on my journey with me, through all the ups and downs. But I do think that I need to be open to the fact that living my life out-loud is frustrating and offensive to some people. And for that, I'm really sorry.

The goal remains, and I'm grateful for it, it helps me remember why to work hard, but the point of it all is, and always has been, the journey. I guess my job here is to work hard, for myself and for my readers, on becoming. The blog for me has become a bit of a challenge, in public, to live with integrity and to be honest when I stumble, and brave enough to grow. I'm glad I got this letter. I hope I can rise to the challenge of being a person that is more clear in intention, and is more humble.

So to that end, Skiing in the Shower 2.0 is going to focus on my journey (the blog is about my experience in the skiing world, so I can't not write about it from my own perspective) what I'm learning and how it makes sense to me, how I'm learning to apply it, with thanks to those who take the time to teach me. I'll still write about my life, my love, my family, the journey isn't just about skiing, its about all of us that are on the journey together.

I want to say thank you to the person who took the time to time to share these thoughts so honestly. And to the folks today that helped me puzzle through what it meant and how I can grow.


weems said...

Thank you, Kate!

...for being wise.
...for being spirited.
...for being tenacious.
...for being humble.

And for teaching me so much about learning and about endless possibility.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Weems. And thanks for helping me learn along the way. I'm grateful for your patience and trust in me!

Russ said...

Kate, I knew that you would figure out the journey part. We each have to reach that awareness in our own time. Looking forward to the new focus. I have my cheerleading pom-poms ready for when you need encouragement and will read each new blog entry with a personal goal to see your journey as it progresses.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Russ. You've been a very inspiring reader, and I'm grateful!

Kate said...

As a long retired full cert (passed in 1974) I hope you don't change too much. I skied this season for the first time in over 15 took me about three days to get comfortable on the hill, but by the end I found my feet again. You unknowingly helped me find the courage to go back, and I think about you and your journey a lot. Be true to yourself..the journey is the trip. If you make the D Team, that's great, but don't let that define you. I tried out for it a long time ago and was wise enough to realize that it wasn't going to work for journey was beyond wonderful, and now I find myself thinking about how to spend more hours back on the hill. Thanks for sharing your trip, I'm enjoying it and I'd hate to see it change a lot.

hawksnestfarm said...

I started following your SITS blog when I became a ski instructor. Our left brain dominated ski world needs more people like you...kudos to you Kate for setting a goal and sharing the process full of joy, gratitude and affirmation! It's what you do already!