Saturday, April 3, 2010

Thoughts on the end of the season.

I'm sitting here in the Denver airport waiting to catch a flight back to Aspen. Its been a heck of a season, and its "winding down" now. Aspen just extended through weekends of April 25, and I have the Freestyle Exam, National Academy, and the possibility of taking the Rocky Mountain TA exam, as well, all in the next month.

To this end, I went and saw Brent Amsbury of Park City Pedorthics to try and eek the rest of the summer out of my boots. its a tall order, there is the possibility of a Big Air camp in Whistler, Race Camp in Mt. Hood, and Steeps Camp in Chile, and another possibility of Alaska in June.

I hope that those things happen, they will be great for my skiing, and helpful if I do end up taking clients to them, for travel experience, and for my financial situation this summer.

If they do work out, I hope to take my kids to Race Camp at least, like I did last summer. It was so much fun to have them in Hood with me!!

The problem, again, is that I always end up enrolling at the last minute, because I never know what my financial reality is going to be until about five days before I'm supposed to leave. I'd hoped that would change by this summer, and while its getting better, its still pretty close.

One foot in front of the other, along the path, things either work out or they don't. In any event, I'll either get where I need to or I won't. When I get the chance to train, my skiing comes up. My skiing has improved so much this season, I'm excited to keep skiing hard.

I guess its for that reason that I'm looking forward to Academy so much, a week of skiing hard and training. I'm hoping to get a critical eye on my feet and getting a handle on how far I am from the standard, so I can push as hard as I need to to make it happen. I want to know if I'm on track or not.

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