Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 3 of RMT, Results at 5:30!

Hi everyone! Well, I'll say this. It went as well as it could. My skiing got better as the day went on, I was able to make, keep and improve the change that Todd gave me.

There were moments where I bobbled, but I'm pleased with the overall performance. Peter wrote a note on my Face Book that I got this morning, that REALLY helped me stay present and playful, as Weems had reminded me to be, and I ran into Megan on the chair, and she gave me a performance cue that helped me do what Todd had asked.

I incorporated Chris's flexion into all my runs today, about 60% of the time, and I had my best off piste skiing probably EVER in the last run of the day under the chair in Temerity, on Kesslers, a steep, double black sun baked crud run with some bumps.

We finished up with indoor presentations, and Kristin Heath and Joey hit it out of the park, mine was okay, but man, we were all cooked by the end. I forgot to tell my group which KIND of questions I'd like them to ask each other (oops) and I'll tell you more about the presentations later, but for now, its over!

My assessment: The teaching passes, the technical knowledge passes, the presentation passes, the skiing is sometimes above and sometimes below the standard, and they need to see it more consistently above. I think they saw the skiing get better and better over the three days, but that they are going to ask me to go again next year when I own the changes I made today.

Results are at 5:30 at the Highlands fireplace, my Twitter isn't working on my phone, so stay tuned, I'll get results up as soon as I can.

Regardless of the results, it was an AWESOME experience that has made me a MARKEDLY better skier and teacher, and I'm super stoked at the VERY clear path in front of me. I have fantastic coaching cues and I can't believe the exciting jump my skiing is making because of the hard work and dedication of the trainers and examiners in this process. What an INCREDIBLY supportive environment to go get diagnostic in!!

Thank you to everyone who put the event together, worked so hard in it to make it a great experience for ALL the candidates, and to all the AMAZING people who I got to ski with over the last three days! Holy WOW, this is why I can't stop doing this!!

Talk to you soon!!

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