Thursday, February 17, 2011

RMT Results! Happiness!

WOW what an experience!

Over the course of the three days, I lost 9 pounds, improved my understanding of skiing, improved my skiing, improved my ability to recognize and develop my own performance cues, not to mention I made at least 16 new friends and had a great time.

I did really well on the clinic leading and on the MA and Technical parts, and I missed the skiing by 1.1 points.

I feel really good about my results, I learned so much in the process, and I'm psyched to share it all with you! Its taken me a few days to recover, I'm MUCH more tired and sore than I thought I would be!

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who showed up for results and gave hugs, thank you to all the folks who emailed and texted from all around the globe, (I even got flowers!!) Thank you for helping me learn how to better support YOU all when you go for your next event.

I am happy, excited and eager to take what I've learned and press on. I've analyzed the numbers and drawn some conclusions, which I'm also excited to share, and I'm looking forward to the Rocky Mountain Trials at the end of the year!

Thanks again!!


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Darcy said...

Kate - I'd be happy just to understand the MA, never mind be successful at it! ;)
You so rock, girl. You make me wanna BE you! Keep it up - you're making SO many people proud of you.