Monday, March 14, 2011

Bump Skiing Videos

Okay, you asked for it! Here are my favorite You Tube videos to watch when I'm thinking about bump skiing, and I usually watch them while I'm doing dryland mogul practice on the Bosu Ball. Ive had a couple of requests to put up that dryland drill (which is really quite simple), so I'll get that up as soon as possible.

SO Much has been going on, we are 35 days from the Rocky Mountain Assesment Trials, so I'm deep in training (yay!) and sore like you wouldn't believe. I fell asleep on the couch last night while reading to the kids at about 7:45 and didn't wake up till 9, when they had built a fort on the floor behind the couch and were attempting to sleep in it for the night.

My little sister had done an epic bike ride yesterday, too, and so the boys were amazing, they were making us tea and covering us with blankets while I was reading. Such sweethearts!!

Enjoy and train hard!!


Scott said...

Thanks for taking the time and energy to put up these vids. Their quickness and agility is jaw-dropping! I've dialed up my bump skiing but these guys are off the chart.

June skiing in MT!! I'm drooling at the thought. Haven't done that in over 25 yrs. I hope you have a blast!

Anxiously awaiting your dry-land bump vid!


Unknown said...

Hey Scott! You bet! How'd your bump skiing go? Sorry I haven't put up the workout yet... now that the season is done I'll get it up there! Thanks for reading!!