Monday, March 7, 2011

Local resident, Kate Howe recognized as one of fourteen skiers who GO FACE-FIRST TM

March 7, 2011

TODI USATM Launches TODI TEAMTM and Announces the Founding 100

Local resident, Kate Howe recognized as one of fourteen skiers who GO FACE-FIRST TM

Portsmouth, N.H.—March 7, 2011 TODI USATM is announcing the TODI TEAMTM Founding 100. Local resident Kate Howe is among the elite few to be recognized.    This is not an easy win.

Kate Howe
TODITM selects athletes who best represent the spirit of their brand. “TODITM is not about the fastest runner or the leading scorer. It is about an athlete’s resolve, the true grit and determination to push it past the limit in every training session,” explains EJ Cheney, General Manager for TODITM and former ski racer.

Howe is in the company of athletes who are crushing it on the slopes, every run, every turn. Her teammates include Bryon Friedman, Tyler Peterson, David Patrone, Willie Ford, Erik Schlopy, Steve Nyman, Heather McPhie, Kate Howe, Marjorie Bourbeau, Mike Cremeno, Nick Fairall, Phil McNichol, Rachel Bauer and Shroder Baker.

TODITM is inspired by her spirit and humbly honored to include her as a Founding 100 athlete.

TODITM Symbolizes the Spirit Found Deep InsideanAthlete’sCore. Onlyathletesexuding this resolve are named to TODI TEAMTM. They are currently accepting athlete nominations for a handful of remaining spots across varying sports to complete the Founding 100.

Kate Howe
Willie Ford
Heather McPhie
Nick Fairall
Tyler Peterson

Meet the rest of TODI TEAM skiers and other athletes.

TODI USATM, LLC. (  ) is an apres-sport athletic footwear brand, created Exclusively For Athletes Who GO FACEFIRSTTM into every training session. TODITM symbolizes the spirit found deep inside an athlete’score.

Designed for athletes who beat their feet, the cork TODI TM footbed molds to their feet, feeling like a piece of them over time.    The company’s first shoe, the TODI OriginalTM is currently available in Model T Black.

TODITM will be available in a TRI TONE COLOR PALETTE summer 2011. The company is headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire with western operations in Park City, Utah.

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