Friday, February 10, 2012

Go With a Pro filming in Aspen!

Megan Harvey works the boom while Jonathan Ballou talks about bump skiing

It has been another amazing week! This week, PSIA National came to Aspen to film an hour long TV segment called Go With a Pro. I was SUPER excited and flattered and honored and TERRIFIED to be invited to join the group for filming.

Andy Docken and I film our tip on carving
On Tuesday night, we all got together to hear what it was we'd be doing for the next four days, and to brainstorm on ski tips. The group was Kevin Jordan, Katie Ertl, Megan Harvey, Andy Docken, Jim Schanzenbaker, Charlie Macarthur, Jonathan Ballou and myself.

Andy Hawk works the boom while Katie, Kevin and Charlie kick it.
The meeting was fun, and exciting and inspiring, and I knew the next four days would be challenging, but really exciting!  I was looking forward to it as a great training opportunity as well, standing around and then being put on the spot, on camera, and having to get it right the first time with an authentic smile on your face is a challenge for sure!

Andy Docken shows how the ski slices through the snow
And, of course, I was honored to be asked to join, so I really wanted to represent and bring my best for the ski school. The bad part about that is that you put a lot of pressure on yourself. The good part about that is that our ski school is SO AWESOME that

We have filmed everything from early morning clinics, to Josh Fogg's outstanding MA session, to ski tips, indoor interviews about the training culture in Aspen, the town itself, and they also filmed a talk I gave on building trust. We also filmed Trainer Passport day, which was really fun, I ran into a bunch of folks I haven't got to ski with yet this year, and we got to rip up some laps together in 5" of fresh snow!!

The days have been long and the feet have been cold, but the experience is really relaxing, enjoyable and fun. Its awesome to watch my fellow pros shine, to see how they perform under pressure, and to hear how they think about skiing, and watch them explain it to the national tv audience.

I have learned SO MUCH in the last few days! Look for the ski tips on YouTube off the website, and watch for the full show on the Outdoor Network starting next fall!

Katie and Kevin do their tip together

Matt from Rival Films captures the action

Katie and Kevin talk about smearing the ski

Jonathan Ballou films his tip while Kevin works the boom

Schanzy films his tip on Aspen Highlands today

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