Thursday, January 3, 2008

MA: Stance Questions and Ideas

I had a major Ah-HA! Moment yesterday during my Level 2 clinic. Liat filmed me on a bunch of runs, and I noticed that when I do Delayed Weight Transfer Turns, I don't ski with a POP! because I move across my skis instead of up and over them. In other words, I move my body in the direction of the new turn, because I have to! I tried applying it to my regular skiing, and it was frustrating. But here is a little something I noticed in the process. (sorry its sideways, its not off my camera, so I can't fix it yet)

I had yet ANOTHER major revelation today while in the Level 3 clinic, but I want to shoot it on video and show it to you, so you'll have to wait one more day to see how the story unfolds!

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