Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Movement Analysis: Kate Howe

Kate Howe on Thunder Road at Bridger Bowl: Backseat and skis with at POP! Fix it!


Unknown said...

Kate, Kate, Kate,

you need to learn how to turn using your feet first. these are your only contact with the snow. Ski with your boots unbuckled and arms wrapped around you. Learn to just balance on your skis then add in buckles etc. Don't worry about short radius turns they will stop the movement. Use this in long radius turns until you can't stand it. The whole point is to develop ur ankle then we can move this up further into other joints.

a said...

Thanks, Josh! Man, you'd think that skiing in my AT boots for so long would have solved this problem, no?

I'll do nothing but until you tell me to put my lunch tray down again.