Thursday, January 24, 2008

Its an official owie.

Monday, Mar 24

So I am now in a big brace, in a sling, and on Percocet again. Bleh. Pole planting is really painful. HOWEVER, I felt today RIGHT back on it! Best day of skiing so far. Great carving thia AM with Alex on Deer Park Face, actually felt the spray on my leg from my inside ski and unbucled my boots laying my skis over! Alex is a blast to ski with, and we did some Hard Head coaching on him, which was really fun.

Had an AMAZING lesson with a new skier today who takes Tae Kwon Do... by the end of the lesson, I kid you not, she was parallel skiing and had short turns! Further proof that TKD is awesome ski conditioning! I can't wait to train all summer at TKD West!!! Yeah!!

THEN, went and skied upper Bronco over and over until I got some flow in those bumps, then over to last chance and the Missouri Breaks trees. By this time, we had about 8" of new snow, which was really creamy and nice. Unfortunately, I need the snow to suck more so I can practce skiing the conditions that kick my butt!

I asked myself to ski a two bump line, and then a zipper line, and then did medium radius turns in the bumps. Rob's White Pass drill for bumps is great!!

I rewarded myself with a run down Flippers, and then decided I was in pain, and should head to the chiropractor and go get a brace for my hand. By 6pm, I needed Urgent Care, and now, here we are. Ok, I've skated with worse, I'm sure we will make it thru exams. Not sure what it means for Academy, tho.

In other great news, I will get to give my talk this Wed at Big Sky, and I am so hapy to share this! I think I am going to offer private Performance Coaching from now on, in any discipline. My mom thinks I should become a motivational speaker. How fun would that be??

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